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Drinking Fountains

Your cat deserves fresh and and cool water! With a drinking fountain, you make sure that your cat is always supplied with fresh and filtered water. The flowing water stimulates cats to drink a sufficient amount of fresh water. Furthermore, this water is also rich in oxygen! At Vetsend you can find drinking fountains in various sizes and shapes. Have a good look at our range and choose your personal favourite!

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Catit Drinking Fountains

The brand Catit sells many different drinking fountains and filters. The 2.0 Flower Fountain has different settings and is available in a smaller variant as well, the Catit Senses Flower Fountain Mini. Catit also offers the Fresh and Clear drinking fountain that continuously filters the water to ensure your cat always get cooled and fresh water. Running water support the general health of your pet.

PetSafe Drinking Fountains

PetSafe offers 3 types of fountains. The Drinkwell 360 is a stainless steel drinking fountain that provides your pet with flowing water. The Drinkwell Drinking fountain has a filter that removes unpleasant odours and taste. The Drinkwell Ceramic Avalon is a ceramic product that can be filled with 2 litres of water.

Trixie Drinking Fountain

The Bubble Stream Drinking Fountain from Trixie is a quiet water pump with a low energy consumption. This fountain stimulates your pet to drink water. Filling the product with water is easy due to the transparent cover.

AFP Drinking Fountain

For people that like a pop of colour, we have the AFP Fresh Flow Fountain . This white and pink fountain is a filter fountain for cats. The filter has to be replaced every week.