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No matter the age of a cat, a scratcher serves many different purposes and is a necessity for every cat owner. Every cat has the instinct to scratch, so if you don’t invest in a scratcher, your furniture might fall victim. Most of our scratching posts are made out of rope or cardboard and some include a bag of catnip to make the cat tree more attractive for your cat. Down below we’ll explain why your cat has the need to scratch, and we’ll tell you all about the different types of posts in our collection.

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The purpose of a scratching post

Cats scratch to remove the outer layer of the nail, so it keeps their nails nice, clean and sharp. When they scratch, they also mark their territory to warn other cats. A cat scratching tree also reduces the risk of joint problems and obesity. The muscles are stretched and moved, which is very important for domestic cats. Scratching is necessary, healthy and should be stimulated. Getting a scratcher is the best way to prevent your cat from damaging your furniture. Here at Vetsend, we have a wide variety of different scratchers. From minimalistic designs to large towers your cat can play in, there’s something for everyone.

A good cat scratching post is characterized by its durability. When buying, make sure that the scratcher is at least large enough to allow the cat to stretch upright along the full length.

Tall Scratching posts for playing and hiding

Deciding on a cat post depends on your taste and what you want for your cat. If you have a very active cat that likes to jump on things, a large scratching post might be something for him. These are high towers with different levels for playing and hiding. In our collection, we have got many different towers with different structures. These are also great if you own multiple cats as they can play and nap together. One of those is the Nobby – Scratching Post Motega, a large tower with many different playing opportunities. If you are looking to give your cat a nice napping spot and scratcher in one, the Trixie Scratching Post Tarifa is perfect. The soft bedding on the post makes it great for long naps.


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