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Your cat is your best companion and this is why you would like to have nothing but the best for your house tiger. At Vetsend, we are happy to assist you in finding those best things. Browse our range and discover everything we have to offer for your cats such as cat food and supplements, cat scratching posts and fun cat toys. Whatever you can think of, Vetsend has got you covered! Do you want to know more about different breeds? You can visit our cat breeds page here.

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Everything for the health of your cat

Cat Food

When you want to keep your cat healthy and active, a proper diet is essential. At Vetsend, you will find various sorts of cat food, such as dry cat food, grain-free cat food, natural cat food, diet cat food. Choose from popular brands such as Royal Canin Cat Food.

Every cat is different and therefore has different needs. For example, there are some cats that benefit from cat food that provides additional support. This can be diet cat food to support the joints, balance their weight properly or provide extra aid when your cat has urinary tract disease. Some cats do well on a ‘standard’ maintenance food while others perhaps benefit from organic cat food.

Kitten food

It is of great importance that your kitten gets all the nutrients she needs. Naturally, your small kitten needs different nutrition than your adult cat, and this is exactly the reason why we have a selection of only the best kitten food available. Besides the best kitten food online, we also have different kinds of cat milk. This can be given to replace mother milk entirely or as a supplement. Have a look at all our kitten supplies..

Medicines and supplements

Worm treatment for cats

Besides fleas and ticks, you should also protect your cat against worms. Two types of worms that are often present in cats are tapeworms and roundworms. To prevent these little creatures from infesting your furry friend, we recommend using Drontal worming tablets for cats around 4 times a year.

Post surgery

Did your cat just have surgery? Then support your loyal companion with one of our medical supplies.. There are various protective cones and cat shirts available to prevent your cat from licking or biting its wounds.

Cat accessories

Cat scratching posts

A cat scratching post is an essential item that every cat owner should have. A scratching post , or cat tree, stimulates the natural scratching behaviour of your cat. This way, your cat’s nails stay perfectly sharp as in nature. Buy the ideal scratching post for cats at Vetsend! You will find big scratching posts for larger cats, design cat trees and other cat furniture.

Cat flaps

Cats are natural hunters and love to spend their time outdoors. Of course, you would like for your cat to fully enjoy the outdoor experience and the best way to do this is with a cat flap. Vetsend offers microchip cat flaps and traditional cat flaps in different sizes and colours.

Cat litter trays

Just like the items mentioned above, a cat litter tray cannot be absent in your collection. Vetsend has a large selection in open and closed cat litter boxes in various colours and sizes. For example, the popular PeeWee Ecohus.

A litter box is not complete without cat litter. These keep your litter tray clean and sanitary. Our personal favourite is the PeeWee cat litter, which is 100% biodegradable!

Cat toys

Lastly but not least, your cat needs something to activate and fulfil their hunting instincts. This can easily be done with one of our fun cat toys : cat balls, cat tunnels, catnip toys, fishing rods, cat laser toys and stuffable toys.