Maintenance Dog Food

As a dog owner, you obviously want to keep your dog fit and healthy. That's why providing a well-balanced diet is so important: a dog needs to ingest all types of essential nutrients to stay in tiptop shape! Depending on your dog's breed, age, amount of exercise and breed-specific health issues, your dog might require very specific nutrients. If your dog has no health issues, however, you simply need a maintenance diet to keep your dog healthy. At Vetsend you can find various types of this food, from Hill's, Acana, Farm Food, Eukana and various other brands. If your dog does have health issues, you can take a look at our prescribed diets instead.


Acana strives to create biologically appropriate food with fresh and regional ingredients. They do this in two ways. Firstly, they want to make sure the food resembles natural food, so they have created recipes that are primarily meat-based. Secondly, they use ingredients that are sustainable and harvested by regional suppliers. This is how they can ensure the ingredients they use are fresh and sometimes even raw. All of the Acana diets are high in protein and meet the needs of your young, adult or senior dog.

Farm Food

Farm Food contains only the best natural ingredients. The ingredients have to be of such high-quality that they can be consumed by humans! This way you're guaranteed to get the best food for your dog. The pressed kibble is cooked at a low temperature to make sure the nutrients remain inside the kibble. The wet food is prepared with gently steamed flesh, that contains all the protein your dog needs.


One of the popular brands of dog food in the UK is Orijen. As the word 'Orijen' means 'origin', you can probably guess that this brand focuses on ingredients that are fresh. Even more, Orijen wants to create food that is biologically appropriate and contains regional ingredients. Inspired by the natural diet of prey animals, the food is rich in meat and protein, keeping your dog fit and healthy.

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