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Adimere Deworming - Dog

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  • Product Description

    Adimere Deworming Dog

    At Adimere, we prioritize proper care and protection for your pet. Our products undergo extensive testing to ensure they function properly and meet high-quality standards. As a result, you can trust that you are providing your pet with optimal protection against parasites.

    Deworming for dogs

    Adimere deworming is specially formulated to protect dogs against the most common worms. This palatable worming treatment (tablets) contains a combination of praziquantel, pyrantel membonate, and febantel. It is a broad-spectrum dewormer that effectively targets roundworms, tapeworms, hookworms, and whipworms with just one administration.

    Why use a deworming treatment for dogs?

    Worms inhabit the dog's body and can cause various problems. They compete with the dog for essential nutrients and can damage organs, disrupting normal bodily functions and leading to symptoms such as diarrhoea, vomiting, and weight loss. Additionally, some worms can pose a risk to human health.

    How often do I use Adimere deworming for dogs?

    It is important to deworm your dog regularly. How often this is wise for your dog can easily be found in our article "How often should you deworm your dog?"

    Indications and features

    • Kills roundworms, hookworms and whipworms
    • Kills tapeworms, including the fox and flea tapeworm
    • Effective after one administration
    • Palatable worm cure (tablets)
    • Divisible tablets for accurate administration
    • To be used in an MDR1 mutation

    Dosage and administration

    • Adimere against worms dog: 1 tablet per 10kg
    • Adimere against worms large dog: 1 tablet per 35kg

    The deworming tablets are palatable, making them easy to administer as a treat. They can also be mixed with wet food or a snack.

    Not suitable for

    • Concomitant use with a product containing piperazine.
    • The first four weeks of gestation. When in doubt, consult your vet.

    Active ingredients

    Adimere Deworming Dog: 50 mg praziquantel, 144 mg pyrantelembonate and 150 mg febantel.
    Adimere Deworming Large Dog: 175 mg praziquantel, 504 mg pyrantelembonate and 525 mg febantel.

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