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Horse Medical Supplies

The medical supplies category shows a broad range of products for your horse that can be used after they sustain an injury, for instance. At Vetsend, we have a diverse range of products to disinfect and care for your horse’s injuries. Our range includes several wound sprays, creams and ointments by brands like Dermiel, Ecostyle, Groene Os and Puur.

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In addition to wound care products, this category includes various products related to cooling your horse after a training, in case of injury or during hot summer days. These include different cooling gels, sunscreens, cooling blankets and sprays.

Wound protection

This sub-category contains various products to protect your horse’s wounds from dirt. Think of bandages or wound dressings. In addition, there are many types of gels or sprays that can provide extra support during wound treatment. A well-known brand in this sub-category is Dermiel, which has products that help the skin heal from wounds. Iodine is a well-known disinfectant that provides extra care for the disinfection of small and shallow cuts or puncture wounds. The product prevents and treats infections of small and large wounds to prevent scarring. Iodine is available a shampoo and scrub.


In this sub-category, you will find all kinds of cooling products that may be necessary to cool down your horse after training sessions, in case of injury or during hot summer days. A popular product is the Synovium Arnica Hydro Gel. This cooling gel is made for the treatment/care of muscles and tendons after exercising. This gel penetrates deeply and therefore provides excellent support! Another popular cooling product is the Synovium Clay & Cool. This is a natural clay that can be used for hot and tired horse legs.