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Cats with Allergies

Just like people, cats can suffer from allergies as well! There are four types of allergies that cats can suffer from, these include: food allergies (food intolerance), flea allergies, contact dermatitis (although this is quite rare) and atopy. Atopy is an allergic reaction to environmental factors such as pollen, dander, house dust mites or other allergens. The symptoms that can occur as a result of atopy may vary, but most commonly include itching (particularly around the head and neck), wounds, scabs and hair loss.

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Itching and burning can be an annoying consequence of an allergic reaction. Vetsend offers an extensive range of sprays, shampoos and other products to help relieve itching and hot spots. Fleas can also be a major cause of itching. If your cat has fleas or is suffering from a flea infestation, please visit the Flea & Tick Treatment for Cats category.

Reacting to surroundings

As mentioned previously, cats can suffer from allergic reactions as a result of allergens in their surroundings, such as tree pollen, dander and house dust mites. An environmental spray can help lower the amount of allergens in your cat’s direct environment, and by doing so, limit their allergic reaction.

Food intolerances

For cats that suffer from food allergies, please visit our range of specifically composed diet foods.