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House-training your rabbit

Like dogs and cats, you can house train your rabbit. Many rabbits naturally pick one certain spot to do their business. You can make it easier for yourself by placing a rabbit toilet in this place. There are also rabbits that do their business in the entire enclosure. These rabbits might be harder to house train.

Rabbit in grass

What is a suitable rabbit toilet?

To start house training your rabbit, you will need a suitable rabbit toilet. You can get yourself a specially developed rabbit toilet, like the Beeztees Corner Toilet for Small Pets or the Moderna Corner Toilet. A washing-up bowl, small litter box or another small plastic box might work too. A cardboard box isn’t suitable as it will quickly become too wet because of the urine. This isn’t comfortable for your rabbit.

Make sure to pick the toilet according to the size of your rabbit. A French lop needs a larger space than a dwarf rabbit. The toilet is big enough when your rabbit can easily get in/out and can turn around.

The right bedding for your rabbit toilet

Your rabbit must easily recognise the spot where it needs to do its business. There must be a clear difference between the toilet and the rest of the enclosure. Pick another type of bedding for the toilet, and make sure this bedding absorbs moisture well.

Where to put the rabbit toilet?

It will be easier if you put the rabbit toilet in the place where your rabbit normally does its business. If your rabbit starts to look for another spot, move the toilet along to the next spot. Sometimes it can help to place multiple toilets in the enclosure.


House-training takes time, and you will need to be active in house training your rabbit for your rabbit to start using the toilet. This also means that you have to place all the droppings (that aren’t in the toilet) in the toilet. You need to do the same with the urine. You can use a piece of paper to collect the urine and place the paper in the toilet. Your rabbit will recognise the scent and start viewing the toilet as its territory. He will also start to understand that this is the place where he needs to do his business.

If it doesn’t work, you can choose not to put any bedding in the cage for a few days, only in the toilet. Whether this is possible depends on the circumstances. You can’t leave an outdoor rabbit without bedding in the winter!


Most rabbits can be house trained. It will just take time and patience. Your rabbit is usually not house trained within a few days. Stay consistent and persevere!