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Probiotics & Immune System Support for Horses

Vetsend has a range of products that may help support kidney, bladder and liver problems in horses by Groene Os, Phytonics and Sensipharm.

Probiotics can be used to strengthen your horse’s intestinal immune system. A disruption in a horse’s intestinal flora as a result of stress, change in food, malnourishment, disease, antibiotics or medication can significantly diminish the amount of good intestinal flora, which allows the bad bacteria to dominate the intestines. This is a gradual process that is usually inconspicuous until symptoms become visible such as poor shedding, poor performance, slow recovery following exercise, loose stool and even colic. It is very important to restore your horse’s intestinal balance should this occur. This can be done by supplying them with good intestinal bacteria in the form of probiotics and will, in turn, improve your horse’s overall health.

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Prebiotics are compounds, not bacteria, that positively impact the intestinal environment. They are “substances that induce the growth or activity of microorganisms that contribute to the well-being of their host”. Most of the commercial prebiotics contain roughage and particular oligosaccharides, that stimulate carbohydrate metabolism and have the most positive effect on their host. However, not all oligosaccharides have a positive effect on their host. Before a product can be used as a prebiotic it has to be thoroughly tested.

Vetsend offers a wide range of prebiotics, probiotics and other products that may help improve your horse’s immune system. This assortment includes brands such as Phytonics, Groene Os and Vertargil.