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Acorns are toxic to your dog. Please beware during forest walks!

Autumn has started and acorns are falling off the threes in bunches. A lot of dogs find it amusing and fun to play with these oak nuts and can sometimes even eat them. Please beware of this as a pet owner, because acorns contain a toxic substance!


Acorns and Dogs

Not all dog owners know that the chewing of eating of acorns is toxic and can be dangerous to their dog. Oak nuts and oak leaves contain a toxic substance called tannic acid. When your dog consumes a lot of tannic acid, this will cause stomach issues, diarrhoea and vomiting. Unfortunately, in extreme cases, an overdose can even lead to renal failure and death as a result. So keep this in mind when making your forest walk!

Tannic acid is not the only reason why acorns are dangerous to dogs. When sharp oak nuts are consumed, the intestines can get constipated. Furthermore, the thin membrane which surrounds the intestines can also be irritated by the sharp edge of these nuts.

Pine cones and dogs

Pine cones and chestnuts are not toxic, which means they don’t contain a poisonous substance. However, these are often swallowed by dogs while playing in the park or forest. Pine cones and chestnuts can also lead to constipation and gastrointestinal issues. This sometimes leads to mandatory surgical procedures. Vetsend recommends you to teach your dog not to play with pine cones or chestnuts. You can learn your dog commands such as “drop it” or “leave it” to prevent this from happening.

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