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Warm summer months

Overheating can be very dangerous for your dog’s health as they hardly have any sweat glands. The only way to alleviate heat and to lower their body temperature is by panting or sweating from the paws. As these are the only two options for a dog to lower their body temperature, they cannot lower it by much, which makes them prone to contracting heat stress or stroke. Heat stress and heat stroke can lead to permanent organ damage, a coma or in serious cases even death. Our dog cooling category offers a broad variety of cooling products that will support your dog during the hot summer days. This category consists of dog cooling collars, cooling mats for dogs, water toys for dogs, dog life jackets and cooling jackets for dogs.

Dog pools

Vetsend offers 3 different dog pools. These pools are very easy to set up and provides your dog with a spot to cool down during warm weather. The pools are made out of strong material so they won’t break when your dog scratches it. We have different sizes available so there is one for every dog breed.

Cooling mats

There are several cooling mats for dogs available that can be used during hot summer days, after exercise or while travelling. A cooling jacket or cooling bandana also offers cooling in the warm days. These cooling mats and bandanas are available in different colours and sizes and can be used indoors, outdoors and while travelling. These dog cooling mats become active by using body pressure, so you do not require water, electricity or a freezer.

Water Toys

What is more fun than seeing your dog play with water during the hot summer months? At Vetsend, we have a very large assortment of different water toys suitable for water fun. Think of water fountains, floating toys and toys that you can freeze for that extra bit of coolness.

Dog Life Jacket

Life jackets will offer that extra bit of safety when you are around water with your dog. A dog life jacket can be very useful when swimming but is also very functional when playng or training in the water or during boat trips. Most come with a handle on top, so you can easily grab your dog out of the water. Before purchasing a jacket, make sure to measure your dog so you can decide on the right size.