Adaptil Calm Diffuser & Refill
Adaptil Calm Diffuser & Refill
Adaptil Calm Diffuser & Refill
Adaptil Calm Diffuser & Refill
Adaptil Calm Diffuser & Refill
Adaptil Calm Diffuser & Refill

Adaptil Calm Diffuser & Refill

The Adaptil Calm Diffuser is a safe and effective product for dogs, that can be used for the prevention and treatment of anxiety and stress.

Adaptil Calm Diffuser Plug In & 48ml Vial
  • Adaptil Calm Diffuser Plug In & 48ml Vial


  • Adaptil Calm Diffuser Refill - 48ml


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Product Description

Anxiety and stress

Dogs that suffer from anxiety and stress may exhibit unwanted anxiety and stress-related behaviour. This behaviour can occur due to fear of loud noises (such as thunderstorms or fireworks), a new environment (e.g. moving to a new house), separation anxiety or the presence of a new family member. Puppies and adult dogs may display undesirable behaviour in these situations, such as excessive barking or licking and fouling or destructive behaviour. If these situations sound familiar to you, the Adaptil diffuser may be able to help your dog!


All lactating females release (appeasing pheromones), which ensure that the offspring feel calm and reassured. Research has shown that the calming effect of these pheromones can still occur at an older age. All Adaptil products (apart from the tablets) contain a formula which replicates the natural soothing dog pheromones.


The Adaptil diffuser needs to be plugged in, just like a plug-in air freshener. The diffuser immediately begins to spread pheromones. They are not detectable by humans, only by dogs. You should therefore not be able to smell the diffuser. This product is ideally suited for:

  • Puppies, to get used to their new home.
  • To calm several dogs in the house at the same time.
  • To reassure your dog before and during fireworks.

Using the Adaptil diffuser:

You should plug the Adaptil diffuser into a socket in the area where the dog usually spends the most time. One refill is sufficient for a 30-day treatment, in a space of approximately 50-70 m². Adaptil is remarkably effective. According to the manufacturer, after one month of use, 72-85% of dogs stop barking and destroying property when they are left alone. The positive effects occur quickly, usually in the first week of treatment. For best results, it is recommended to use the Adaptil diffuser for at least 1 month, alongside obedience training. The manufacturer recommends that you replace the diffuser after using five refills.

Please note: This item has a 2-pin plug, but comes with a UK 3-pin adaptor.

In addition to the diffuser, the Adaptil range consists of Adaptil spray, the Adaptil collar and Adaptil tablets. Below you can see which product is best for various situations.

Situation in which Adaptil is used:Adaptil DiffuserAdaptil SprayAdaptil CollarAdaptil Tablets
Changes in the environment, occasional stress++
Fear of loud noises, thunder, fireworks+++++
Moving house++++
Vet appointment++
Socialising your pet++
Staying home alone+++
New family member+++
Product ID: 65
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less anxious dog thanks to adapitl
By , 18 February 2019

Dog seems to be less stressed and less anxious, so I would say this is a good product to try out :)

adaptil diffuser refill
By , 14 January 2019


Adaptil diffuser
By , 11 December 2018

Last year in December we had the Adaptil diffuser in use. Found our dog noticeably calmer during the various explosions, which have been going on throughout the month. On New Year's Eve I added a few adaptil tablets.

peeing is a thing of the past
By , 07 December 2018

Our 8 year old Border Collie with serious separation anxiety urinated in the house when we were upstairs or out. Since we have Adaptil diffuser, the peeing in the house is over.

By , 15 March 2018

I used this plug in dap when I got my rescue dog so he would settle in his new home it worked a treat as if he had been here for years good product

Effective natural product
By , 21 April 2017

We have been using this for some time and continued use following our dogs enforced rest following cruciate surgery. The Vetsend price was very competitive and I ordered the refill alongside another product. Very pleased with item, shopping experience in general and will happily use Vetsend again.

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