Adaptil Express Tablets
Adaptil Express Tablets
Adaptil Express Tablets

Adaptil Express Tablets

Adaptil Express Tablets for dogs are a temporary solution for anxiety over fireworks, thunderstorms and travel.

Adaptil Tablets - 10 Tablets
  • Adaptil Tablets - 10 Tablets


  • Adaptil Tablets - 100 Tablets


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Product Description

Tasty Adaptil Express tablets act quickly and can provide temporary relaxation in stressful situations such as during fireworks, travel or thunderstorms. Unlike the other Adaptil products, Adaptil tablets do not work on the basis of pheromones. The tablets contain a combination of natural amino acids, GABA and vitamin B complex. Many scientific and clinical studies have proven the positive effects of these natural active substances in reducing anxiety.

Key features:

  • Fast action! (On average within 2 hours).
  • Natural food supplement.
  • Safe: Does not drug the animal, simply relaxes it.
  • Tasty pork flavour tablets.
  • Short-term solution.

Active ingredients:

  • Y-aminobutyric acid (GABA) relaxes and reduces stress (effect often visible within an hour).
  • Tryptophan reduces stress related behaviour and anxiety.
  • Theanine contributes to the control of anxiety and phobias. Improves learning abilities. Stimulates GABA release.
  • Vitamin B complex, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B8 (Inositol) and Vitamin B12, all contribute to the normal function of the brain and help the body to cope with the effects of stress.

Dosage and administration:

Unless otherwise advised by the vet:

Dogs < 10 kg1/2 tablet
Dogs 10 - 20 kg1 tablet
Dogs 20 - 30 kg2 tablets
Dogs > 30 kg3 tablets

Give the tablets two hours before the expected situation, by hand or in food. The tablets can be given once a day, but the effect of the treatment may be reduced if given too frequently. Adaptil is sold in packs of 10 tablets and can be used in combination with the Adaptil diffuser, collar or spray.

Please note!:
Adaptil tablets are a short term solution. For longer term solutions, try Adaptil spray, Adaptil collar or Adaptil diffuser.

Event for using Adaptil: Adaptil diffuserAdaptil sprayAdaptil collarAdaptil tablets
Changes in environment, occasional stress++
Fear of noise, thunder, fireworks *+++++
Moving house++++
Going to the vet++
Staying at home alone+++
New family member+++
Product ID: 2338
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I use the adapyil plug in &the express tablets .absomutely a
By , 05 November 2020

Amazing .use the adaptil plug in &tablets as fireworks were so bad .my dog was panting heavy .give at tea time .works wonders ????

yet to see
By , 24 July 2018

Given 5 stars in anticipation that they have the same effect as the spray. We have yet to use them.

adaptil tablets
By , 25 September 2017

i did,nt use them straight away as i got them in advance for fire works but we recently had a thunder storm my dog was scared stiff so i gave him 2 within a hour he started to relax still scared because he had already heard it but alot better by taking them i wouldhighly recommend them and will buy more in the future thankyou .

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