Beaphar Anti Nibble (Pet Behave) Spray

Beaphar Anti Nibble (Pet Behave) Spray

The Anti Nibble Spray by Beaphar can be used for indoor training to discourage undesired chewing and scratching of furniture, shoes, carpet and other fabrics or items.

Beaphar Anti Nibble (Pet Behave) Spray - 100ml
  • Beaphar Anti Nibble (Pet Behave) Spray - 100ml


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Product Description

Beaphar Anti Nibble (Pet Behave) Spray

Beaphar Anti Nibble Spray can be sprayed directly onto items that you do not want your dog to chew or scratch. It helps train dogs and discourages this type of unwanted behaviour.


Ensure that neither the animal nor their (food and drink) bowls are in the room when you use the Beaphar Anti Nibble (Pet Behave) Spray. Spray the objects you want to treat lightly, from a distance of 30cm. Repeat this once a day for three days. Once the items have been treated, your pet can be allowed back into the room. If necessary, you can repeat this process once a month. Never use Beaphar Anti Nibble (Pet Behave Spray) on your pets or allow them to play with the bottle. This product can be used to help train puppies and avoid chewing of furniture.

Please note: It is recommended to test the spray on a hidden area before applying generally to fabrics, rugs or polished surfaces.

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