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Beeztees Cosy Cuddly Toy Croky

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    Beeztees Cosy Cuddly Toy

    Beeztees Cosy Cuddly Toy is a lovely cuddly toy for use in a crate or bed for a puppy or small breed dog such as a chihuahua. You can place the long cuddly toy against the side of a crate or bed, so that your trusty friend can lie down and sleep comfortably. Of course, the cuddly toy can also be used outside of the bed or crate. The Beeztees Cosy Cuddly Toy is available in two animal types.


    • Cosy Croky: a green crocodile
    • Cosy Doggy: a grey dog


    • Cosy Croky: 120 x 12 x 7.5cm
    • Cosy Doggy: 120 x 12 x 9.5cm

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