Beeztees Veggie Stick Mix

Beeztees Veggie Stick Mix

The Beeztees Veggie stick Mix contains 3 chew sticks made completely out of vegetable ingredients. Apart from being a delicious snacks, the sticks also support your dog's dental care.

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Product Description

Beesteez Veggie Stick Mix

These Beesteez Veggie sticks are a delicious vegetarian snack for your dog. The sticks are made out of 100% vegetable ingredients, and are also low in protein, fatties and gluten. As an added bonus, they also support your dog's dental health! With the addition of brewer's yeast, the chew sticks also help your dog with getting a healthy skin and shiny coat. The mix contains 3 types of chew sticks: mint, calcium and natural. Whereas the natural flavoured stick is just a healthy snack, the mint stick makes sure your dog's magnesium and iron contents are on the right level, and the calcium stick supports your dog's bones and joints.

Key features

  • Veggie sticks made out of 100% vegetable ingredients
  • The main ingredient is sweet potato
  • No preservatives
  • Gluten-free
  • 3 different types of chew sticks
  • Supports your dog's dental health


55 sticks



Product ID: 11494
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