Beeztees Wooden Insect Hotel
Beeztees Wooden Insect Hotel

Beeztees Wooden Insect Hotel

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The Beeztees Wooden Insect Hotel offers the insects in your garden shelter, where they can do their useful work. Ideal for environments with lots of flowers and plants. The hotel is suitable for animals including ladybirds, butterflies and beetles.

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Product Description

Beeztees Wooden Insect Hotel

When you look in the corners of your garden, under flower pots or log piles, you are guaranteed to find insects. The insect hotel offers the insects in your garden a dry shelter, where they can do useful work. The insects can nestle in one of the different "rooms" of the hotel. Placing an insect hotel is a positive contribution to the natural balance. It contributes to the natural balance between plants, animals and micro-organisms in your garden.

Useful animals

The insects in your garden are very useful, many plants and flowers need insects to continue to exist. Butterflies fertilise plants in their search for nectar. Ideal for environments where fruit and vegetables are grown. Ladybirds and beetles combat aphids in your garden. In this way, every animal takes on part of the maintenance of your garden and helps to maintain the natural balance.


  • Wooden Insect Hotel: 19 x 14.5 x 32 cm
  • Wooden Insect Hotel Large: 24 x 12 x 49 cm
Product ID: 3934
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