Biestwinkel Rehydration
Biestwinkel Rehydration

Biestwinkel Rehydration

Biestwinkel Rehydration has been developed to restore the moisture balance in dehydrated young animals who haven’t been fed mother's milk for a while. The product is also suitable for adult pets who are dehydrated caused by illnesses.

Biestwinkel Rehydration - 600g
  • Biestwinkel Rehydration - 75g


  • Biestwinkel Rehydration - 100g


  • Biestwinkel Rehydration - 600g


  • Biestwinkel Rehydration - 1500g


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Product Description

Biestwinkel Rehydration

There are different ways dehydration can occur. One of the dangers of diarrhea and being sick is dehydration, but young animals can get dehydrated too if they are not being fed breast milk for a while. When a young dehydrated animal has been found, it’s very likely their gastrointestinal tract isn’t functioning properly. This is because of the lack of essential minerals, like calcium and sodium. Feeding them milk straight away is unwise as it will probably be too heavy. A suitable solution is the combination of water and Rehydration. After that, you can start mixing the Rehydration with milk for pets.


  • For recovery after illness
  • For dogs, cats, ferrets and other small animals
  • Use in combination with powdered milk or colostrum powder from Biestwinkel

How to use

To create the solution, add the powder to hot water (around 50 degrees Celsius) while stirring. If you have any leftover solution, you can use this within 24 hours

Weight animalWaterAmount
<0,5 kg50 ml3 gram
<1 kg100 ml6 gram
2 kg175 ml10 gram
4 kg300 ml2,5 (15 gram)
5 kg350 ml20 gram
10-15 kg600-750 ml30 gram
20-30 kg900-1200 ml60 gram
35-50 kg1350-1800 ml90 gram
55-60 kg1950-2100 ml120 gram

Give young animals the Rehydration solution without milk in the first 24 hours.

An adult pet can be given the solution during the time their gastrointestinal tract isn’t working properly.

If your pet has kidney issues, contact your vet before using the product.


The product is available in a 75-grams tub, a 100-grams bag, a 600 grams tub and 1.5 kg tub.


One gram of Rehydration contains: potassium chloride 0.38 mol, sodium chloride 0.38 mol, sodium citrate 0.32 mol, maltodextrin 86% glycine 5%

Product ID: 10177
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