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Bio-Life Petal Cleanse for Dogs - 350ml

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  • Product Description

    Pet Allergies

    Despite what people usually think, allergic reactions are caused by allergens in the saliva of animals which get stuck in the fur during grooming. There is no scientific evidence for the assertion that some breeds are less allergenic than others, the fur of an animal often has no influence at all! What has been shown is that the allergen content increases the older the animal gets and that males are more at risk than females. Are you allergic to pets such as dogs, cats or rabbits? Then you probably have a nasal congestion. A lot of people cannot enjoy their pets for that reason and think that getting rid of their dog or cat is the only option available. PetalCleanse has won many allergy awards in the UK by creating a reliable product against pet, dust mite and hay fever allergies. Bathing your pet too often can dry out the skin and causes stress for both the animal and its owner. The production of allergens only increases as your pet gets older. This is usually the reason why allergens produced by young cats and puppies are tolerated, but adult cats and dogs cause allergic reactions.

    Allergens produced by pets are miniscule (between 1/10 and 1/100 of a pollen grain). About 82 percent of allergenic particles in your home float through the air, and only 20 percent lands on your furniture. Because of this, cleaning has little to no effect on the amount of allergens in your home. The allergen amount increases during winter when doors are shut and animals are often kept inside. Thankfully, all pet allergens are positively charged, so that the negatively charged, superficial active substances in Bio-Life products can encapsulate and neutralise pet allergens without using aggressive chemicals that can be harmful to pets and their owners!

    Key features of Bio-Life PetalCleanse:

    • Winner of the Allergy UK and UK Consumer care Award
    • Specially formulated for dogs
    • Removes all allergens from the fur so that the animal does not have to be washed
    • Independent testing has shown that the product is 97% effective in people who are allergic to animals
    • Around 50% of test participants with pet allergies are able to stop taking allergy medications.
    • Contains natural ingredients that take care of your pet's fur without harming its health.
    • PetalCleanse gives an immediate relief to pet owners who are suffering from contact allergic reactions.
    • It can take up to 3 weeks for asthma sufferers before they see their symptoms disappear.
    • If you will be using PetalCleanse on your pet due to an allergic friend or family member visiting, you should start using the product 2 to 3 weeks before their visit.
    • For an optimal results we advise you to combine this product with AirCleanse


    PetalCleanse should be used once a week to keep the amount of allergens released to a low and acceptable level. PetalCleanse for dogs is a solution based on having a balance between cleansing and moisture absorption. The cleaner removes skin flakes, saliva and isolates microscopic allergens, while the lotion conditions the skin and fur to limit shedding.

    • Brush or comb the animal with a comb or a FURminator product to get rid of all loose hairs.
    • Wet a sponge or cloth with PetalCleanse.
    • For dogs: 25-30 ml
    • For cats and small pets: 20-25 ml
    • Rub the sponge or cloth against the fur
    • After rubbing PetalCleanse into the fur with a cloth, allow the fur to air dry (but avoid draughts!)
    • Wash your hands after use

    Frequently Asked Questions about PetalCleanse

    Which animals can you use this product on?

    PetalCleanse can be used on cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds and other small, furry animals. PetalCleanse in lotion form can also be used to isolate skin flakes on birds. However, it is essential that the bird is kept warm and away from draughts until the animal is completely dry. PetalCleanse is also perfect for dogs. A bottle of 350 ml is enough to protect an average dog for up to 3 months.

    How long does it take until PetalCleanse works?

    PetalCleanse should be used every 2 to 3 weeks on the animal to reduce the symptoms. This time is needed to reduce the allergens that have built up in the house. If your pet will be around allergic family or friends, we advise to start the treatment at least 2 to 3 weeks before the visit.

    Does PetalCleanse help everyone?

    When tests were performed in the UK, research shows that 97% of the pet allergy patients were positive about using this product. The medication required to treat pet allergies and pollen was reduced by almost 50%. If the allergic symptoms are still present after 3 treatments of the animal, we advise you to visit your GP or specialist to find the cause of the allergic reaction. The product also works on pets that have a dust mite allergy. A fur treatment with PetalCleanse will give immediate relief against itching and scratching. We advise you to also treat any fabrics that your dog or cat lays on with HomeCleanse or add some WashCleanse to everything that can be machine washed.

    Special measures for children

    Parents with children who suffer from asthma are often advised to take special care regarding their medication. Specialists think that 40% of children who suffer from asthma are allergic to pets. PetalCleanse has reached a breakthrough in the fight against allergic reactions to pets and other animals. However, parents are always advised to contact their GP or specialist before considering alternative treatments.

    Is PetalCleanse safe for pets?

    The product was examined by two independent companies: Market Research Solutions Ltd. and Reading Scientific Services. Both found it absolutely safe for use on pets. This is not surprising because PetalCleanse consists of mild soaps, quartz salts, glycerine, amino acids, vitamin B, aloe vera gel, lime blossom and rosemary extracts. All of the ingredients are also found in high quality natural shampoos, fabric softeners and skin care products. One bottle of PetalCleanse is sufficient for the treatment of an average pet for about 12 weeks.


    Aqua, Quaternium-26, Glycerin, Quaternium 22, Panthenol, Aloe Barbadensis, Steartrimonium, Hydroxyethyl Hydrolysed Collagen, Tilia cordota, Rosmarinus officinalis, Hydrolysed collagen, Allantoin, Phenoxyethanol, Methyldibroma glutaronitrile.

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