Bogacare DermaRepair
Bogacare DermaRepair
Bogacare DermaRepair

Bogacare DermaRepair

Bogacare DermaRepair is a skin cream to soothe and repair the rough and chapped dog skin. Extracts of comfrey and sage support the skin's natural ability to recover. This product nourishes and protects the skin without any preservatives or colourings.

Bogacare DermaRepair for Cats - 40 ml
  • Bogacare DermaRepair for Dogs - 40ml


  • Bogacare DermaRepair for Cats - 40 ml


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Product Description

Regeneration cream with sage and comfrey

Bogacare DermaRepair can be used for a very wide range of applications. The soothing and healing properties of sage and comfrey ensure an optimum solution for the treatment of wounds on the skin.

The properties of sage

Traditionally, sage is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. The components of sage have an antibacterial effect (that is, they inhibit the growth of bacteria) when applied externally, and can even kill bacteria, depending on the amount used. Sage has been used as an ingredient in herbal medicines for many years, and is well known for its ability to treat inflammation and infections of the skin. The most significant effect is attributed to ursolic acid, which is present in sage.

The properties of comfrey

Comfrey has been used since the Middle Ages as a herbal remedy. The German name for comfrey is beinwell, which means "good for the leg". This refers to its use for sprains, bruises and swelling on the leg. Powerful healing properties are attributed to the plant, particularly for wounds, as well as injuries to ligaments, tendons and bones. Its regenerative effect on wounds is mainly attributed to the active substance allantoin. This material contributes to the development of the cellular structure and cell formation and thereby aids in the healing of wounds. This product uses alkaloid extract and can be applied to the skin (external).


Apply 1-3 times per day to the affected area and gently massage. Can also be used around joints. Do not apply to open wounds. Please note: Keep at room temperature (15-25ºC) and out of reach of children.


Comfrey, sage, peanut oil

The Bogacare range also contains Bogacare Paw Balm, Bogacare Ear Cleaner and Bogacare Shampoo.

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