Bolfo Gold for Dogs

Bolfo Gold for Dogs

Unfortunately, the Bolfo Gold for Dogs is not available for sale anymore. Please have a look at our entire fleas and ticks range for alternatives.

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Product Description

Bolfo Gold for Dogs

If your dog has fleas, this can cause discomfort in your pet, like severe itching. Bolfo Gold is a flea treatment containing imidacloprid and butylated hydroxytoluene for dogs. This product becomes effective after 24 hours and quickly kills fleas and larvae. Most fleas are killed before they can bite your dog. The protective effect of Bolfo Gold for Dogs will last for three to four weeks.

Not suitable for

  • Animals with a hypersensitivity to the active substances.
  • Puppies younger than 8 weeks that are still nursing.


  • Takes effect quickly
  • Works against fleas and flea larvae
  • Easy administration
  • Protects against fleas for 3 to 4 weeks


Empty the contents of the pipette between the hairs onto the skin between the shoulder blades. In dogs weighing more than 25 kg, the best way to do this is to evenly distribute the contents of the pipette across three or four different places on your pet's back, between the shoulder blades and the base of the tail.

How much and which Bolfo Gold for Dogs is suitable for my dog?
WeightBolfo Gold Quantity
Up to 4 kg1 pipette Bolfo Gold 40 for Dogs
4 - 10 kg1 pipette Bolfo Gold 100 for Dogs
10 - 25 kg1 pipette Bolfo Gold 250 for Dogs
25 - 40 kg1 pipette Bolfo Gold 400 for Dogs

For dogs weighing more than 40 kg, you can use a suitable combination of the pipettes.

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