Bonpard Motility
Bonpard Motility

Bonpard Motility

Bonpard Motility is a diet feed for horses that suffer with colic as a result of constipation, insufficient bowel movements and slow bowel passage. This feed stimulates an effective digestion and a quick passage through the entire bowel system. This allows it to contribute to the prevention of impaction colic.

Bonpard Motility - 20kg
  • Bonpard Motility - 20kg


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Product Description

Bonpard Motility

Bonpard Motility has been specially developed for horses with colic as a result of hardened manure or constipation. A chronic insufficiency of the small intestine may lead to a slow flow rate of the feed in the intestines. This may lead to colic as a result of constipation and hardened manure. This feed helps stimulate bowel movements and contributes to a good flow of the feed in the intestines.

Key features

The ingredients in Bonpard Motility have been pre-treated (released), so that the enzymes in the small intestine can break it down faster and more effectively. This allows the small intestine to digest most of the feed. This leaves little feed to cause a blockage in the large intestine. In addition, the fibres in the food also promote bowel movements and fermentation.


If the feed does not flow effectively into the bowel, this may lead to constipation, impaction colic and hardened manure. This can be caused by a chronic insufficiency of the small intestine. A special feed can help stimulate bowel movements. Colic can have many causes. Your veterinarian is best place to assess the cause of the health concerns in your horse and to prepare a treatment plan for these.

Bonpard Motility contains specially selected fibres such as wheat bran and oat pellet chaff, which stimulate bowel movements. This feed also contains alfalfa. Alfalfa has a high water-binding capacity. This contributes to slowing down the drying out of the bowel content. A moist bowel content is less likely to get stuck and therefore less likely to cause a blockage. The bran in Motility stimulate the bowel movement and therefore the mixing of the feed with digestive enzymes.

Extra Information

  • Provide a salt block in your horse's stable.
  • Do not feed your horse supplements or additives, unless prescribed by your veterinarian.
  • Weigh Bonpard in a feeding scoop and mark the required quantity of feed on the feeding scoop.
  • It is important to feed your horse the correct quantities, so weigh hay on your bathroom scales or balancing scales (in a hay net) every 3 months. Also do this at the beginning of the stable season, every time you bring in a new lot of hay, and for every new feeder.
  • Shelf life: up to 6 months after the production date (see packaging). Storage conditions: Cool and dry.

Please note

Bonpard diet food can only be given following a diagnosis made by your veterinarian.


Released barley flakes, alfalfa, released oat flakes, wheat bran, wheat meal, molashine, oatmeal pellets, dried apple pulp, flax seed oil, released maize flakes, vitamin and mineral premix, yeasacc.

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