Bonpard Muscle
Bonpard Muscle

Bonpard Muscle

Bonpard Muscle is a fat-concentrated diet feed, specially developed for horses that have recurring laminitis symptoms, horses suffering from weight loss, stomach ulcers or PPID. This feed has a low starch content and a high fat content.

Bonpard Muscle - 20kg
  • Bonpard Muscle - 20kg


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Product Description

Bonpard Muscle

Feed contains energy in the form of fibres, fats, starch and sugars. Horses can effectively digest fats and fats supply 2 to 3 times as much energy. Bonpard Muscle is a diet food that is rich in fats and has been specially developed for horses with repeated laminitis or horses that are losing weight. This feed is also suitable for horses with a high temperament, horses with stomach ulcers or PPID (Equine Cushing's Disease).

Key features

Bonpard Muscle has a low starch content and a high fat content. The high fat percentage is derived from vegetable sources such as soya oil, flax seed oil and sunflower seeds. These poly-unsaturated fats stimulate the immune system (Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids) and also contribute to a glossy coat. Bonpard Muscle is rich in carefully selected fibres. These support a healthy appendix and large intestine fermentation. Vitamins, minerals and trace elements have been added to the feed, ensuring that your horse received all of the essential nutrients that it needs. For example, Bonpard Muscle has a high Vitamin E and selenium content, as horses that consume more unsaturated fatty acids need more antioxidants.


Laminitis can have various causes. These include excessive training, deficiencies in the feed, excessive muscle tension or a metabolic disorder. Feed can play an important role in the animal's recovery. A fat-concentrated ration with plenty of fibre and low in starch and sugars can promote the recovery, provided that the horse's training is built up appropriately. Horses' muscle cells absorb glucose from starch, so when a food is low in starch, the muscle cells cannot absorb as much glucose. This makes the horse less prone to laminitis and allows the horse to get more energy from burning fatty acids.

Horses with recurring laminitis symptoms need a ration with a fat content that supplies at least 20% of its energy. In order to achieve this, you can add a small amount of vegetable oil to the feed. Adjusting the metabolism and the digestion of fat takes time. Transitioning to Bonpard Muscle therefore needs to happen gradually. The correct dosage is based on the individual horse and on how strenuous the exertion is. Your veterinarian can advise you on this.

Extra information

  • Provide a salt block in your horse's stable.
  • Do not feed your horse supplements or additives, unless prescribed by your veterinarian.
  • Weigh Bonpard in a feeding scoop and mark the required quantity of feed on the feeding scoop.
  • It is important to feed your horse the correct quantities, so weigh hay on your bathroom scales or balancing scales (in a hay net) every 3 months. Also do this at the beginning of the stable season, every time you bring in a new lot of hay, and for every new feeder.
  • Shelf life: up to 6 months after the production date (see packaging). Storage conditions: Cool and dry.

Please note

Bonpard diet food can only be given following a diagnosis made by your veterinarian.


Alfalfa, oatmeal pellets, released barley flakes, apple pulp, wheat bran, released oats, sunflower seeds, toasted soya beans, flax seed oil, Carob pods, vitamin and mineral premix, extruded flax seed.

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