Bordeaux dog

Bordeaux dog

The Bordeaux dog is a watchdog and family dog. It is a balanced, quiet, non-barking, friendly, attentive, curious, very courageous and physically hard on itself. Very attached to the handler and the family. A typical Molosser with a short, concave head type. The Bordeaux dog is a very powerful dog, with an extremely muscular body that is also beautifully strong and firm.

Breed description Bordeaux dog

Breed descent: France

Other pedigree names: Bordeaux Mastiff, French Mastiff, Bordeauxdog


The coat consists of short and soft hair and is mahogany red or has a wild colour, with a red or black mask. White markings are not to be appreciated. Regularly brush the coat with a rubber brush during shedding to remove dead and loose hairs.

Physical features


Long, firm neck. Deep chest. Well protruding ribs. Flat, muscular back, slightly sloping towards the hip. Pronounced, rather far apart hip bones.

Average weight

The average weight of a dog is at least 50 kg and a bitch at least 45 kg.

Height at withers

Males: Males: 60-68 cm. Bitches: 58-66 cm.

Approach to the training

You have to raise the Bordeaux dog consistently and in a calm and fair way. This dog is very attached to its owner and wants to do something good. Let it also clearly be seen if he behaves well and give him a stroke or say some enthusiastic words. The Bordeaux dog needs a owner who can handle its pet naturally.

Common symptoms

  • Hip dysplasia (HD)
  • Elbow dysplasia

Dog sports

Obedience or hunting sports

Bordeuax dogs are suitable for owners who :

  • A large dog
  • Are able to educate the dog consistently
  • Have time for the dog, are you not at home often? Then consider a different breed.
  • Are active and like to take a few walks a day

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