Boxer Dog

Boxer dog

The boxer is a medium-sized, square built dog, muscled, and a real athlete. His behaviour/character is self-confident and his demeanour reflects that he "can take on the world". He is loyal and very affectionate towards both his owner and family (a great playmate). Always friendly and in for a game. He is also vigilant and fearless, he is traditionally a protection dog without fear but knows when things get serious.

Breed description Boxer Dog

Breed descent: Germany

Other varietal names: German Boxer, Boxer, Deutscher Boxer


Yellow or brindle with or without white markings, as the white markings may not exceed 30%. The coat is short, hard, glossy and contiguous.

Physical features


Long, firm neck. Deep chest. Well protruding ribs. Flat, muscular back, slightly sloping towards the hip. Pronounced, rather far apart hip bones.

Average weight

The average weight of the dog is between 25-30 kg

Height at withers

Males: 57-64 cm. Bitches: 53-60 cm

Approach to training

Because of its temperament, the Boxer is an energetic dog that is always in motion. Thanks to his direct and exuberant character he is very friendly, but his exuberant energy has to be steered with a steady hand. Many owners practice a sport with their Boxer. He is also a good watchdog who is not easily intimidated. The boxer therefore needs a consistent approach. A training that is alternated with obedience and play is best so that the boxer does not get bored quickly.

Common symptoms

  • Aortic stenosis, subvalvular
  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Cystitis (cystitis)
  • Left-front cruciate ligament lesion

Dog sports

The boxer can do anything and everything, such as dog shows and flyball. The boxer has a lot of energy that he needs to invest in something. Therefore a lot of different sports are suitable for the boxer.

Boxers are suitable for owners who:

  • Have sufficient attention and time
  • Are looking for an alert guard dog
  • Want a dog that can handle children well

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