Bunny Nature Hamster Dream Expert

Bunny Nature Hamster Dream Expert

Bunny Nature Hamster Dream Expert is a complete food for hamsters. The food contains grains, vegetables and mealworms. This food does not contain pellets. Bunny Nature Hamster Dream Expert given in unlimited amounts and is available in bags of 500 grams.

Bunny Nature Hamster Dream Expert - 500g
  • Bunny Nature Hamster Dream Expert - 500g


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Product Description

Bunny Nature

Bunny Nature is a German company that was founded out of love for animals. Bunny Nature’s objective was, and still is up until this day, to produce the ideal food for small rodents, corresponding exactly to the needs of the animal. The brand does not only offer a wide variety of foods, it also offers bedding and interactive toys.

Bunny Nature Hamster Dream Expert

Bunny Nature Hamster Dream Expert is a complete and natural food for your hamster. The food is formulated specifically to correspond to the nutritional needs of your small rodent. It does not contain pellets. Hamster Dream Expert contains ingredients from the original habitat of the hamster, such as barley, oats and linseed. The food also contains VitalPlus Granivore. This is a special mixture with vitamins and trace elements which corresponds to the needs of your hamster. Quinoa and mung beans provide the necessary energy and carrots, parsnips, red beets and meal worms complete the food. This food can be given in unlimited amounts to the animal, because it contains balanced levels of nutrients.

Key Benefits

  • Complete food for your hamster
  • Without pellets
  • With grains, vegetables and meal worms
  • Can be given in unlimited amounts


Available in bags of 500 grams.


Plata millet, canary seed, pea flakes, mung beans (6,5%), barley, oats, quinoa seeds (6%), corn, barley flakes, oat flakes, carrots (3,6%), sesame, silver millet, linseed, red millet, grass seed, parsnips (1,6%), meal worms (1%), calcium carbonate, beetroot (1%), yarrow, dandelion leaves, lucerne, sweet pepper, apples, rosehip, malva blossoms, semolina bran (vegetables 6,4%)

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Write a Review
Great quality
By , 01 December 2020

This was exactly what I wanted for my hamster. The quality of the food is great. Smells and looks fresh and my hamster just loves this. Great buy and will continue to buy.

Best Hamster food available anywhere.
By , 14 April 2020

My Hamster has been on this stuff since I first had him. Well worth it. Zero pellets, biscuits and other cheap bulking agents. Not cheap, totally worth the investment though. 2.5yo Syrian hamster is still totally full of energy, still has vision and is going strong. Not quite as much wheel time as when he was younger, but doing just great after a lifetime. As with some hamsters he won't touch the added mealworms so might be worth the occasional bit of animal protein like a bit of egg or plain fish or chicken occasionally. Top stuff.

Highly recommend
By , 03 April 2019

Good quality hamster food. My hamster finishes his plate everyday ????????

One of the best
By , 25 May 2018

Bought it because it was very highly rated on a hamster forum that I browse, among many other German hamster foods. It seems most of the best hamster foods are German. Germans are good, keep producing them. My hamster also seems to like this food a lot, he doesn't leave much of it behind.

Excellent, though a little low in protein
By , 30 March 2018

My Syrian, Peaches, absolutely loves this food! Without fail, all that's left behind is seed husks. It definitely needs supplementing with dried insects/meat/etc. to fully meet her protein requirements, though.

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