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Buster Activity Mat - Rainbow Purse

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  • Product Description

    Buster Activity Mat

    The Buster Activity Mat provides play-time fun for you and your dog. Various textile activity toys can be attached to the mat, that can also be used to hide treats in, for an additional dimension of entertainment. Your dog can try to reach his favourite treats by using his nose or paws. The game is successfully completed when your pet has found the treat. To keep the game interesting for your pet, 10 to 15 minutes of play per session should be a rough guideline. After use, you can easily detach and roll up the Buster Activity Mat for storage. The concept behind this toy is that you play together with your dog rather than letting him play alone; the games provide a fun pastime for both dog and pet owner.

    Key features

    • Activity mat for dogs
    • Stimulates your dog mentally and physically
    • Expendable with different games
    • Easy to detach, roll up and store


    • Use a starting signal when your dog is allowed to play with the Buster Activity Mat and provide clear instructions.
    • Show your dog where you hide all the treats, so he knows where to look.
    • To keep the game interesting, 10 to 15 minutes of playing time is sufficient.
    • It is important that your dog is successful. To start, it is best to start with one game and leave the opening unclosed. Give your dog the help he needs. If this goes well, expand to multiple games and hide the treats properly.

    How to use the Buster Activity Mat

    The Buster Activity Mat comes with three activities:

    • Envelope: The envelope is a rectangular, textile envelope that can be attached to the mat. You can hide treats in the envelope and subsequently close the envelope and seal it with a stick.
    • Water Lily: The water lily is a square, textile water lily that can be attached to the mat. You can hide treats in the corners of the water lily. Subsequently, you can fold the corners inward and close the water lily by means of Velcro.
    • Cone Cloth: The cone is a textile cone that can be attached to the mat using an elastic band with snap fasteners. You can hide treats in the unfolded cone. You can fold the cone as you wish before attaching it to the mat by means of the snap fasteners.

    You can supplement the Buster Activity Mat with nine other, separately available, games:

    • Top Hat: The textile cylinder can be folded and attached to the mat. When you unfold the textile cylinder, you will find a flat circle with eight places to hide your dog's favourite treats. When you have filled all the pockets with treats, you can fold the circle into a cylinder and subsequently put on the top.
    • Mouse Trap: The mousetrap consists of a rectangle with three strips of fabric that can be attached to the mat. The three strips can be moved out of the rectangle by way of the bands at the ends of these strips. You can hide your dog's favourite treats inside the strips.
    • Rainbow Purse: The rainbow purse is a folding purse that can be attached to the mat. When you unfold the purse, you will have four places to hide your dog's favourite treats. When all the pockets have been filled, you can fold the purse and your dog can start playing.
    • Book: The book consists of four sheets of fabric, with on each 'page' compartments where you can hide your dog's favourite treats. After filling the boxes, close the book.
    • Purse (1 compartment): the purse is a square wallet that is sealed using Velcro. You attach the game to the mat and hide the treats in the single compartment. Then close the wallet with velcro.
    • Purse (3 compartments): this wallet with three compartments is sealed with velcro. Attach the wallet unfolded to the mat. When you have filled the three compartments with treats, fold up the wallet and close it with the help of the velcro fastener.
    • Rock 'n Roll: the Rock 'n Roll is a fabric square with four compartments for sweets. Click the unfolded game on the mat and then fill the boxes with your dog's favourite treats. After this you roll up the game. The rolled up game is closed with two elastic bands.
    • Springroll: The Spingroll consists of an elongated fabric square with four compartments. Attach the game unfolded to the Activity Mat and then put sweets in the boxes. After this you can roll up the game and fasten it with the straps that are sewn to the game.

    Contents Buster Activity Mat Starter Set

    • Activity Mat
    • Carrier
    • Includes the "games": Envelope, Water Lily en Cone Cloth



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