Capturine Horse Bio Cleaning

Capturine Horse Bio Cleaning

Horse Bio-Cleaning converts urine into nitrogen, carbon dioxide and water. No harmful substances such as ammonia remain and your stable is healthy and fresh. Another important advantage is that it will prevent flies from being attracted to your stable.

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Product Description

Key features:

  • Horse-Bio-Cleaning is 100% organic: harmless to humans, animals and the environment
  • Breaks down urine and inhibits ammonia
  • Reduced risk of respiratory, muscular and hoof problems
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Fewer flies in your stable
  • Saves costs in terms of the use of bedding material


Horse-Bio-Cleaning off Capturine Pets uses microorganisms to turn urine into nitrogen, carbon dioxide and water. The micro-organisms in Horse-Bio-Cleaning are present in the form of spores. In order to activate the micro-organisms, Horse-Bio-Cleaning must be diluted with water and come into contact with food (urine and manure). The standard dilution is 1:10.


For maximum efficacy of Horse-Bio-Cleaning, we advise you to use a pressure washer. Please note that the higher the pressure the better the atomisation. Treat the floor and walls of the horse enclosure. Then apply a layer on the floor and water it. Sprinkle around the stable. Re-treat every day (after the removal of manure). If a box has been used already, the floor and walls can be treated regularly to remove old odours.

Shelf life:

Concentrated form lasts for 2 years in a cool dark place. Diluted form lasts 3 months in the same conditions.

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