Cat Dancer Wall Scratcher
Cat Dancer Wall Scratcher

Cat Dancer Wall Scratcher

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The Cat Dancer Wall Scratcher is a challenging scratching toy for cats that fixes to your wall.

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Product Description


The urge to scratch is part of a cat's natural instinct. It keeps their claws sharp and removes the outer dead layer of each nail, revealing a sharp new claw underneath. Scratching is enjoyable for cats, and also burns off excess energy.

Cat Dancer Wall Scratcher

The Cat Dancer Wall Scratcher combines two products in one, for both scratching and play. This Wall Scratcher is made of corrugated cardboard, a surface that appeals to cats and is excellent for scratching.

There is a flexible wire (90 cm) on top of the Cat Dancer Wall Scratcher, containing rolls of cardboard to encourage your cat to exhibit its natural scratching behaviour.

The Wall Scratcher includes 4 solid adhesive straps to fix it to the wall.


  • Height: 46 cm.
  • Width: 16 cm.
  • Depth: 4.5 cm.
Product ID: 2876
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