Cofix can be combined with your vacuum cleaner to create a wellness system for your dog. With the Cofix dog brush you can easily clean your dog's coat in a responsible and pet-friendly manner.

Cofix Kit A
  • Cofix Kit A


  • Cofix Kit B


  • Cofix Kit C


  • Cofix Kit D


  • Cofix Kit E


  • Cofix - Individual Brush - Model A


  • Cofix - Individual Brush - Model B


  • Cofix - Individual Brush - Model C


  • Cofix - Individual Brush - Model D


  • Cofix - Individual Brush - Model E


  • Cofix Individual Universal Adapter


  • Cofix Individual Adapter for Dyson vacuum cleaners


  • Cofix Individual 1.5m hose (without adapter)


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Product Description

Cofix dog brush

With the Cofix dog brush you can easily clean your dog's coat in a responsible and pet-friendly manner. Your dog will love it, and it is a part of an effective "wellness system".

Key features of Cofix

  • An easy way to clean and care for your dog
  • Prevents hair and dirt around the house
  • Easily removes dirt, skin flakes and loose hairs
  • Removes pests and parasites (such as after a walk in the woods)
  • Easily removes ticks that have not yet attached to the skin
  • Suitable for dogs with dry skin
  • Regular use of the Cofix dog brush leads to a healthy and shiny coat
  • Creates a feeling of wellness in your dog

Suitable for all dog breeds

The Cofix is available in five different types of brushes. For example, there is an appropriate brush for every breed and coat type. It does not matter if the dog is a little Chihuahua, a Retriever or a German Shepherd, with the right brush Cofix provides excellent and optimal grooming.

Will the Cofix attach to my vacuum cleaner?

The universal Cofix dog brush adapter fits almost all types of vacuum cleaner, and can even be adapted to older models. The Cofix is easy to install on nearly all vacuum cleaners. For Dyson vacuum cleaners there is a separate adapter.

The Cofix can be ordered as either a full kit, as well as loose parts.

Please note: If you want to purchase the Cofix Adapter for Dyson vacuum cleaners without purchasing a Cofix Kit, you will also need a Cofix Spare Universal Adapter to connect it.

The Cofix kit contains:

  • 1x Cofix brush
  • 1x 1.5m hose
  • 1x universal adapter
  • 1x soft adapter
  • Manual

Spare parts

  • Individual brushes: in different variants, the table below indicates which brush variant is suitable for your dog's coat.
  • Universal Adapter: Universal adapter is a connector between the Cofix brush and the vacuum cleaner hose and mouth (see photo).
  • Adapter for Dyson vacuum cleaners: especially for Dyson vacuum cleaners.
  • 1.5 m hose (without adapter): this hose is more flexible than a standard vacuum cleaner hose for added convenience.

Which kit/brush variant is suitable for my dog?
Kit and brush variantCoat type
Kit A and brush model ASuitable for a semi-long coat
Kit B and brush model BSuitable for a short, shaggy coat
Kit C and brush model CSuitable for a short, soft coat
Kit D and brush model DSuitable for a long coat
Kit E and brush model ESuitable for a long, thick coat

Please note

Please note that because we are often confronted with Cofix brushes that are returned in a dirty/used condition, we have to apply the following rules for returning a Cofix product. If a Vetsend employee finds that the returned product is dirty, stained, worn, contains animal hair or smells, we cannot give you a refund for the product. In this event, we cannot return the product to you. It will be donated to a charity (local shelter).

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