Confidence EQ

Confidence EQ

Confidence EQ helps reduce stress and anxiety in horses, in situations that often cause anxiety or nervousness. Applying Confidence EQ will calm a horse and allow it to focus better.

Confidence EQ - 2 sachets
  • Confidence EQ - 2 sachets


  • Confidence EQ - 10 Sachets


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Product Description

Confidence EQ

Confidence EQ from Ceva Santé Animale helps reduce stress in horses, in situations where they usually become anxious or nervous. After applying Confidence EQ, horses will feel reassured and concentration can improve. Confidence EQ helps to improve the welfare of horses by supporting learning experiences, learning new skills and improving focus at work.

The gel is applied to the inside of the nostrils, and mimics the natural signal of lactating mares to foals through the use of pheromones, which ensure the horse is at ease.

Use for

Situations in which Confidence EQ can be used:

  • Transport: there are several factors that can cause stress in horses such as sounds, movement of the vehicle, loading etc.
  • Environment: a new stable, stable mate or the transition to a grazing paddock almost always cause stress in horses.
  • Training: during training and learning new exercises, stress and restlessness can occur.
  • Stressful situations: situations that cause stress and behavioural problems include traffic, large crowds of people, loud or strange noises etc.
  • Vet and farrier: some horses react fearfully or aggressively during a visit to the vet or farrier due to unusual odours, noises, painful treatments etc.


Using two fingers, rub the gel from the sachet onto the base/lining of the nostrils. Do this 30 minutes prior to the stressful situation occurring. It is possible that the horse's nose will curl up, which is called flaring. This is natural behaviour, shown by horses when they sense pheromones. The effect lasts for about for 2.5 hours. Repeat if necessary.

Effect after administration

  1. The horse detects pheromones through special sensors in the nose.
  2. The signal is sent directly to the brain, where it is processed.
  3. The horse instinctively recognises the signal, making his stress level drop, while focus and learning ability are increased.

Confidence EQ is not absorbed into the blood and is doping-free.

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