Dermacool Hot Spot Spray

Dermacool Hot Spot Spray

Dermacool is a soothing, cooling spray that offers relief from itching caused by wet eczema and hot spots in dogs and cats. Dermacool will reduce the animal's urge to scratch and bite itself.

Dermacool Hot-spot Spray - 50ml
  • Dermacool Hot-spot Spray - 50ml


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Product Description

Dermacool is a soothing, cooling spray that offers relief from itching caused by wet eczema and hot-spots in dogs and cats. Dermacool will reduce the animal's urge to scratch and bite itself.

Key features

Virbac Dermacool contains various ingredients, each with a specific function. Menthol cools; hamamelis dries thanks to its astringent effect and parachlorometaxylenol is a disinfectant. Propylene glycol and glycerol have an alleviating effect and are non-irritating. Spherulites are micro-balls built up into layers that stagger the release of active substances, making Dermacool a long-lasting treatment. Chitosanide is a biodegradable biopolymer that attaches itself to the spherulites and has a moisturising effect.

Dosage and administration

Dermacool should be sprayed directly onto and around affected areas of skin. To get the best results, we recommend that you repeat this treatment 2 or 3 times a day.


When using Dermacool, be careful that it does not get into your pet's eyes.

All of our products are sourced from genuine veterinary wholesalers in the Netherlands. Because of this, some items may be delivered in Dutch packaging.

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Write a Review
By , 07 September 2020

Can’t fault the service provided by Vetsend. With regards to product my dog has noticeably stopped licking affected hotspot. However, when I spray product on she runs round house for 10 minutes and can’t settle. I’m sure it’s just a strange feeling for her. However, area seems to look noticeably less aggravated within 2 days so very pleased with the results.

My dog says it helps!
By , 15 July 2020

My dog had chewed his elbow and scratched away the fur on his side. Nothing seemed to work as he had an allergy that seemed to get worse after walking in the park. I spray on Dermacool Hot Spot Spray and three days later, his paw biting and scratching is getting less. I hope the product will stop his scratching. I think it is helping with the itching.Certainly he is not playing the banjo at night.

Such a relief!!
By , 01 December 2019

There is nothing worse than an itch you can't scratch. It's made it into the language as a metaphor for the intolerable. We buy Dermacool just for the gratitude in her eyes

Too early to review constructively
By , 25 December 2018

The instructions are in every language except English so not happy to use at present until condition improves as not certain if it is contra indicated with oral medicine. Cannot therefore recommend or otherwise as not tested. Expensive

reasonable product
By , 30 May 2018

this did seem to relieve my dog's itchy 'hot spot' for a little while. it is pleasant to use-quiet and mild, so my dog did not mind it being sprayed on her. however, it is a very small bottle and also it only sprays for any length of time upright. as her hot spot is at a different angle, this made it slightly difficult to use. it is good that it is for moist skin though, as most products on sale for itchy skin are for DRY skin, and a different application is needed for both.

hotspot spray for dog
By , 16 February 2018

best product instant relief.recommand with confidence.thank you so much my dog have hot spot on ear n she suffer it for anout 1 week but asap i use hotspray instant this product

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