Designed by Lotte

Designed by Lotte

The Designed by Lotte brand is based on the idea that your house should be a place where you can be yourself. Create your own home with items that suit you and match your personality. Enjoy life at home with family, friends and of course your pet! All products and materials are consciously chosen and carefully composed. Designed by Lotte gets inspired by current trends and developments, so their items are not just fun for your pet, but also look good!

The collection

The Designed by Lotte collection consists of various dog and cat items, such as baskets, toys, food bowls and collars. The unique and timeless design makes this collection special. By using natural materials and colours, Designed by Lotte products fit perfectly into your interior. Designed by Lotte products have been designed in a way that they suit every interior.

Designed by Lotte Scratching Posts

Cats have different reasons to scratch. They need to take care of their nails but also mark their territory. A scratching post can be quite prominent in your home, and that’s why it’s nice if it looks good. Designed by Lotte scratching posts are high in quality and are designed according to the latest trends. For example, theDesigned by Lotte cactus fits beautifully in a botanical interior.

Designed by Lotte Velvet

[p]Velvet is back! The products from the Designed by Lotte velvet collection are made of sturdy velvet and will make sure your interior looks nice and chic. The products are also very soft, so your pet will surely love a bed from Designed by Lotte.

On the road with Designed by Lotte

With the collars and leashes from Designed by Lotte, you and your dog will look great. The items are available in different fabrics and colours so that there is always one that fits your dog perfectly. Are you going on a longer trip with your small dog? Then a carrying bag could be useful. The Designed by Lotte carrier bags are sturdy and comfortable, so you can safely take your friend on the road.

Our assortment

Below, you will find our range of products from Designed by Lotte. The range consists of different products for both your home and your pet. Have a look and find the products that fit your pet and your home!
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