Dog Collar

Are you looking for a comfortable and durable dog collar for your furry friend? Vetsend has numerous options available online. There are dog collars for small, medium and large dog breeds. A dog collar can be perfectly combined with a dog leash.

Types of dog collars

Choosing the correct dog collars may seem pretty simple but there are numerous factors that need to be considered. A dog collar may come in different styles, patterns and colours but the most important factor is how well it fits. You should consider your dog's weight and size, as well as the purpose for which the collar will be used such as specific training.

The two most common types of dog collars are martingale and flat collars. Flat collars work well for most dogs, especially the ones with buckles which are the most common. Apart from being affordable, they are ideal for growing puppies. Leather dog collars need to be treated often to keep the leather soft and supple and to stop it from cracking.

Martingale collars are also known as Greyhound collars. A popular martingale collar which is often used for dogs is the EzyDog Checkmate Collar. These collars were first made for use on breeds such as sight hounds. This is because they have neck widths that are typically the same or wider than those of their heads. They required dog collars that would not easily slip off. Martingale collars are made with a loop that tightens and stays snug should the dog try to pull away. Over time, the use of this type of collar became popular for use on other breeds for training.

The right way to put on dog collars

A dog collar has to have a fit that is not uncomfortably snug, which can cause harm to your dog's neck. However, a fit that is too loose can cause your dog to escape and chase other dogs. To be sure the fit is not too tight, try and fit two fingers in between the collar and neck. The dog collar size is right when you can easily get your fingers in and out.

Dog collar or harness

A similar option to dog collars is a dog harness. Collars and harnesses can be used interchangeably to suit different pet activities. If you are going for a long walk, a harness may be the better option because it is more comfortable. Harnesses work well for puppies, small dogs and senior dogs who might be irritated with the regular use of a flat collar. Just as is the case with dog collars, consider the size and weight of your dog when choosing a harness.

Harnesses go around a pet's chest and rib cage so there are more points of contact. This gives you a more secure hold over your pet. Still, even using a harness, it is important to keep a collar on with an ID tag that includes your contact details.

Dog collars from Vetsend

Vetsend has a number of options available when it comes to dog collars and harnesses, all of which live up to the high standards that pet owners have come to expect. One option is the EzyDog Neo Wide Collar. It is made for dogs that have longer and wider necks thanks to its added length and width. It is made of neoprene which makes it waterproof and suitable for use in the rain and easy to clean. It has a D-shaped ring that a lead can be attached to. It also has an ID clip with which you can attach an identity tag. Dogs that have a neck that is up to 61cm long would be better suited by the EzyDog Neo Classic Collar. It has reflective edges to keep your pet visible in the dark and it comes in sizes from large to XXXL.

The Ruffwear Headwater Collar is another high-quality dog collar from Vetsend. It is waterproof and has a unique print. It also contains a special covering that is waterproof which makes it easy to clean and that ensures that it does not absorb odours. A D-ring, reflectors and another ring for an identity tag make it a good choice. You can adjust it to the right size using the clasp and with the D-ring, you can attach a leash. It comes in sizes starting from XS to XL.

Get the size right

For hygiene reasons, Vetsend is not able to exchange dog collars that have been worn or contains stains, dog hair or smells. We recommend using the sizing guide on the our website and get in touch with our customer service team if you need any additional help.

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