Dog cooling mat

During the hot summer days, we as pet owners have to make sure our furry friends don't get too warm. Overheating can be very dangerous for your loyal companion's health. This is because your dog does not have any sweat glands. Their body temperature can only be regulated by panting or sweating through their paw pads. This makes it very difficult for dogs to lose body heat and makes them susceptible to heat strokes. Did already know that a heat stroke can lead to lasting damage to your dog's organs? Or that this can lead to a coma? These are extreme cases, but they are possible nonetheless. Now the question remains: what can we do to help cool our dogs during these warm periods?

Cooling mat for dogs

At Vetsend, you will find various cooling mats for your dog. A dog cooling mat is designed to provide your furry friend with a place to cool off responsibly. Your dog can lay down on this cooling blanket and enjoy the soothing effect. There are a couple of cooling mats available online. One of the more popular dog cooling mats is produced by Aqua Coolkeeper and contain special HydroQuartz gel. When this Aquacoolkeeper cooling mat is submerged in water, the HydroQuartz is activated an turns into a comfortable cooling gel. This cooling effect can last up to 5 days! If you prefer a dog cooling mat that does not have to be immersed in water then this is possible too. For example the Trixie Cooling Mat. This cooling blanket is activated by your dog's body pressure. The moment your dog lays down on the cooling mat, the gel is activated and your dog can start to enjoy the soothing effect. You do not need any electricity, water or a freezer to cool these mats. For the mat to work optimally, we recommend for your dog (or cat) to step off the mat every couple of hours to allow it to recharge.

Naturally, you can help your dog cool off in different ways. At Vetsend, you can find and order lovely cooling products such as cooling collars for dogs and cool coats for dogs.

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