Dog Sports

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Dog Sports Categories

From running to playing and walking; there are so many ways for you and your dog to be athletic together. Nowadays, there are even more alternatives with numerous clubs and classes offering fun activities like hunting training, flyball, agility, canicross and shepherding. Choose from our popular brands such as Fitpaws, Trixie, KONG, and Hurtta.


Agility training a very popular, high-energy sport. The communication and teamwork between the dog and their owner is one of the most important aspects of this sport. An agility competition consists of an obstacle course with obstacles ranging from tunnels to seesaws and jumps. The owner directs the dog through the obstacle course using only verbal queues and body movement. The goal of the competition is to complete the obstacle course as quickly as possible with the least amount of mistakes. You can train your dog at home, for example by using the Outward Hound - Agility Outdoor Starter Kit.


There are different types of hunting within this category, such as those who herd wild animals, follow a trail, fetch over land and/or water and hunting by foot. Try using the AFP Hunter Mallard to train your dog to hunt.


Flyball is a dog sport that consists of a team of four dogs who have to cross an obstacle course as quickly as possible to get to a Flyball machine. The Flyball machine shoots a ball when triggered by the dog's foot. The objective is for the dog to catch the ball as quickly as possible and take it back, over the hurdles, to the starting point. Once the first dog has returned, the next dog tackles the course and so on until all four dogs have completed the course.


Although Canicross is still rather unkown, it is growing in popularity rapidly. For this sport, the dog is given a special harness to wear, such as the Ruffwear Omnijore, which is fitted around the owner's waist. Together, they conquer a cross country path, where the dog often runs a little ahead of their owner. Canicross is closely related to "Bikejoring". In bikejoring, the owner rides a specially-adapted mountain bike. A comfortable dog belt to use while riding your bike is the Hurtta Hiker Belt.

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