Douxo Care Ear Cleaner

Douxo Care Ear Cleaner

Douxo Care Ear Cleaner is a gentle cleaning product for your cat or dog's sensitive ears and skin. Douxo Care is a lotion that cleans the outer ear canal and the auricle. It can also be used to clean lip and skin folds.

Douxo Care - Ear Cleanser - 125ml
  • Douxo Care - Ear Cleanser - 125ml


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Product Description

Douxo Care Ear Cleaner

Douxo Care Ear Cleaner is a micellar lotion for cleaning and caring for the ears. It is suitable for the outer ear canal and the auricle. It can also be used for cleaning the skin folds and lip folds. It helps remove dirt and grime without irritating the skin or drying it out. This makes it suitable for your pet's sensitive skin.

Key features

  • Mild cleaning of the ears
  • Removing dirt
  • Cleaning a dirty coat/skin
  • Cleaning the lip and skin folds
  • Recovering the skin barrier
  • Moisturising.

Administration and dosage

Use 1x weekly or as prescribed by a veterinarian.

Shake well before use. Ask your veterinarian about the right way to administer this product in your cat or dog. The lotion can be applied on a piece of cotton wool that you insert into the entrance to the ear canal. Another way to administer this is to insert the liquid directly into to ear. Try not to touch the ear with the nozzle. Then massage the ear for 1 minute and remove the cotton wool from the ear if you are using cotton wool. You can remove visible dirt with a piece of dry cotton wool. Do not use the cleaning product if the eardrum is damaged.
To clean the skin, you can wet a piece of gauze or cotton wool with the lotion and clean the area by rubbing gently. You can repeat this as often as necessary until it is clean.




Phytospingosine HCl, polydocanol, green tea extract.

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Best Ear Cleaner
By , 28 October 2020

As with all Douxo products, this seems to have good results on my dog's greasy, slightly smelly skin.

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