Drontal - A Broad Spectrum Wormer

Worms can cause a wide range of clinical symptoms in your cat or dog. In some cases though, the number of worms might be very low, which means that no clinical signs are visible in your pet. This is particularly true for low-level roundworm, tapeworm and whipworm infestations. As the infestation grows, initial signs include weight loss, poor condition, dull coat, anal itching and mild gastrointestinal complaints. This is why worming treatments are part of your pet's standard care plan and Drontal tablets (for adult dogs and cats) and Drontal Suspension (for puppies) are among the most common types of wormer used. This broad spectrum wormer doesn't just help eliminate roundworm, but also works effectively against tapeworm, whipworm and hookworm in dogs and cats.

Drontal for Dogs

Drontal for Dogs is available for small, medium and large breed dogs. The large breed dog tablets include a tasty beef flavour, helping to ease the administration of the tablet. They are suitable for dogs over 35 kilos. The tasty bone tablets are suitable for dogs under 25 kilos.

Drontal for Cats

Drontal for cats is available in tablet-form for large breed cats and small & medium breed cats.

Drontal for Puppies

Unlike Drontal for cats or dogs, Drontal for puppies is available in liquid form, as opposed to tablets. The Drontal Suspension is specifically designed for young dogs and therefore does not contain Praziquantel.

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