Farm Food Rawhide Dental Chips

Farm Food Rawhide Dental Chips

Using Farm Food Rawhide Dental Chips contributes to good oral hygiene for dogs in a natural way.

Farm Food Rawhide Dental Chips - 150g
  • Farm Food Rawhide Dental Chips - 150g


  • Farm Food Rawhide Dental Chips - 500 g


  • Farm Food Rawhide Dental Chips - 1kg


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Product Description

Dogs have a natural urge to chew. They do this to keep their teeth clean, and it reduces the risk of dental problems. In the wild, dogs' ancestors would chew the hide of animals they had hunted. Pet dogs don? generally catch their own food, but Farm Food have come up with an alternative.

The Farm Food Rawhide Dental Chips consist of dried subcutaneous connective tissue of cows (the second solid and tough layer of cowskin) which is ideal to give to your dog as something to satisfy his cravings to chew.

Dental plaque

Residue food particles can cause bad breath and plaque. This plaque is responsible for tartar on the dog's teeth. In severe cases the plaque can cause gum disease, leading to possible infections and loss of teeth.

Farm Food Rawhide Dental Chips

When your dog chews on these chips, collagen is mixed with the canine saliva. This protein is an endogenous compound which fights plaque on the teeth. In addition, there is a scouring action of the material on the teeth which ensures a thorough and visible clean of your dog's teeth.

Key features

  • Fully digestible
  • No harmful xenobiotic substances
  • No chemical antioxidants or colourings, fragrances and flavourings
  • A clean, pure and safe product
  • Pure, thick bovine skin, for plenty of chewing pleasure
  • Do not give to dogs that have a beef allergy
  • Does not smell, stick or stain and is not slimy
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My Border Terriers love them !
By , 03 July 2019

First & foremost a natural product , no chemical nasties (unlike the hide products I had been unwittingly buying from pet shops & supermarkets ) , my dogs love them & the best product I've found so far to help maintain oral health & keep tartar at a minimum .

My favrit
By , 25 October 2018

My mum buys these for me cos they’re not bleached and cos they keep me teefs clean and me breffs fresh. Plus she says they keeps me quiet so she can haff some peas and quiet.

By , 08 March 2018

I had been buying a cheaper version of rawhide strips for my greyhound but when I read somewhere about bleach and other nasties being used during processing I looked for an alternative and found these, hurrah! These chews are great, my girl loves them and they are helping to keep her teeth clean and breath fresh. I cannot fault them, they leave no odour or stains on her bedding and she loves them.

My dogs love them !
By , 21 November 2017

Farmfood rawhide dental chews. My two dogs love them! And I'm happy that the chews contain no nasty chemicals. The first thing I noticed is they smell & look natural ( unlike the stuff I had been buying!) .

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