GimCat Meaty Snacks
GimCat Meaty Snacks
GimCat Meaty Snacks
GimCat Meaty Snacks
GimCat Meaty Snacks

GimCat Meaty Snacks

GimCat Meaty Snacks are delicious treats for your cat. The meaty and juicy treats contain taurine en vitamins, also making them a healthy snack. An ideal treat to give as a reward or just for the sake of it.

GimCat Meaty Snacks - Beef
  • GimCat Meaty Snacks - Chicken

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  • GimCat Meaty Snacks - Beef


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Product Description

GimCat Meaty Snacks

Your cat will absolutely love GimCat Meaty Snacks. The juicy, beef or chicken-flavoured snacks have a high meat content and contain taurine and vitamins. The meaty treat is not only very tasty, but also healthy. An excellent treat to reward or just pamper your cat.


35 grams


GimCat Meaty Snacks are available in beef or chicken flavour.


  • GimCat Meaty Snacks - Beef: Meat and meat derivatives (90% of which 31% beef), yeast, sugar, minerals, derivatives of vegetable origin.
  • GimCat Meaty Snacks - Chicken: Meat and meat derivatives (84%, including 67% chicken), yeast, sugar, oils and fats, minerals, derivatives of vegetable origin.
Product ID: 6639
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By , 29 December 2020

My Cat, Atticus, loved Delikatz and I had got all that I could before they vanished. I googled a similar item and fortunately came up with Gim Cat from vetsend. I ordered my first two packets, one chicken and the other beef. Yippee - Atticus loved them so I have ordered him a stock to keep him happy.

By , 06 December 2020

Atticus loved his DELIKATZ which are no longer available. I bought as many DELIKATZ on line as poss. Atticus was impossible to cater for with other products (little Dulcie was fine with Felix originals etc) All other sorts of treats Atticus refused to eat. With only one box of Delicatz left I scoured the internet and found GimCat so I ordered one of each flavour - EUREKA Fuss Pot Atticus loves them. I ordered some more, but only a couple in case he changed his mind - HE HAD NOT - so I will now be ordering him a good supply.

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