Vetsend Madness

Do not miss out! The entire week of Vetsend Madness you will find unforgettable deals at Vetsend. Your pet will surely be spoilt!

During the week of Vetsend Madness you can take advantage of GRAU discounts of up to 20%. The discount applies to everything from GRAU and Hokamix.

(valid from November 22 to December 5)

The GRAU story started about 30 years ago. Mr and Mrs Grau had a sick dog at home. Their dog Meike was ill and could hardly stand on her feet. Conventional drugs had reached their limits. Until they came into contact with Graus and Cornelis Kroeske of the HOKAMIX30 spice mix.

Healthy food, better life!

The spice mix has restored Meike's quality of life. This gave the Grau family the impulse to establish this product (which was already popular in the Netherlands) in Germany. From that moment on, the Kroeske family started working together with the Grau family. Confidence in the knowledge and power of nature was the motivation of Cornelis Kroeske to develop the herbal mixture HOKAMIX30. The Grau family's confidence in these recipes was the basis for their start in Germany.


30 years later, the company has more than 35 employees working in an area of more than 8,000 square meters. The Kroeske family business and GRAU are still successfully working together. Because of the increasing and more varied demand, the product range has increased considerably. GRAU has all kinds of herbal mixtures, natural nutrients and effective supplements in stock for different animals. The two companies continue to innovate and as a result, newer herbal blends are invented all the time. Various methods for administering the herbal mixture HOKAMIX30 are also being developed. At the moment, there is also a growing desire for complete natural food, hypoallergenic products, products for ageing and so on. This healthy trend works to the advantage of GRAU to significantly expand the product range and to continue research improved recipes.

Natural support

To give your four-legged friend a long life in optimal health, good and complete nutrition is necessary. The GRAU range consists of super-premium food, food supplements and products to combine with the BARF menu. A BARF diet consists of fresh meat, supplemented with fresh vegetables. This is to mimic a dog's natural diet. These products meet high-quality requirements. No fragrances, colours or flavours are added.

GRAU offers natural supplements that supports:

  • the skin and coat
  • pigmentation
  • the joints
  • stomach and intestines
  • against fleas and ticks

Do you give your pet BARF? Your dog’s nutritional needs aren’t met with just meat. GRAU offers a wide range of dried vegetables and supplements to complement this diet.

Vetsend offers

Vetsend has quite a few GRAU products on its website. A much sought after product is the GRAU Dried Vegetable Melange. This BARF diet food is a healthy vegetable blend that serves to complete the BARF diet. In addition to fresh meat, your pet also needs healthy vegetables. These vegetable blends are available in many different flavours. This makes it possible to create a varied diet for your dog.