Hill's Cat Food

Hill's Cat Food

The story of Mark Morris

The story of Hill's begins in 1939 with the story of veterinarian Mark Morris. He was convinced that pets with certain health problems could be better treated with carefully formulated food. A well-known quote from this man is: ''Take pet health as seriously as your own''. He saw a link between poor nutrition and pet health. With this in mind, Mark Morris developed pet food that was significantly better than other pet foods of the time. A well-known example from that time was the assistance dog Buddy. Buddy's owner told Mark Morris that his furry friend had kidney problems. Mark knew that a lot of animal food from that time contained a lot of phosphor and protein to improve its taste. These substances, in turn, were bad for the kidneys. So he started with the development of food that contained little salt, but was still tasty. This led to the Hill's Prescription Diet k/d line. The first food range of Hill's that was specifically aimed at kidney problems. This range was followed by other food ranges, each with its own goals.


Hill's Prescription Diet

Hill's has developed Feline Prescription Diet specifically for sick pets. This is a wide range of therapeutic nutrition. Clinical tests have proven that this food can restore your cat's health. Hill's Prescription Diet is not available in stores, but can be ordered online at Medpets. Before placing an order, it is required to agree to our disclaimer. Generally speaking, this food range contains various diets that support cats that suffer from problems with the urinary tract, skin, coat, liver, gastrointestinal system, joints, obesity or a food allergy. A well-known cat food of Hill's from this range is the Hill's k/d Kidney Care - Prescription Diet - Feline. This food is specially developed for cats with kidney disease.

Hill's Science Plan

This nutrition range focuses on food that is perfectly balanced and thus contributes to optimal health. This food is for all ages. Hill's Science Plan is a very high quality food with clinically proven benefits. Each diet from this line is a result of years of research. Made with the best, finest, high quality and natural ingredients, without artificial preservatives. This food is very tasty and ensures that your cat gets food that has a supportive effect on the health of your animal. A good example of dry food from Science Plan is the Hill's Science Plan - Feline Adult - Chicken/Poultry. This food is formulated to support your cat's optimal health. Contains delicious chicken with scientifically validated antioxidants, lean proteins and omega 3 fatty acids.

Hill's Ideal Balance

This range contains 100% balanced nutrition for cats of a certain age group. The food in this range contains a perfect balance between proteins, fats, minerals and fibres. Ideal to keep your cat healthy, by providing a balanced diet. It is a simple principle; not too much or too little of the important nutrients. A popular dry food from this line is the Hill's Ideal Balance - Feline Adult No Grain - Chicken. This dry food consists of delicious chicken and potatoes with no added colouring or flavouring. This food supports the overall health of your cat and is also very tasty.

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