The Hill's Pet Nutrition range has been scientifically formulated to maintain excellent health for your pet. This historic company sells food products across its three major brand's, the Diet Prescription range, the Science Plan range and the Ideal Balance range. Hill's brand mission is to lengthen and enrich the relationship between pets and their owners, by improving the health and therefore the lifespan of animals.


Hill's Pet Nutrition

The company story began in 1939 when Dr Mark Morris started formulating food under the belief that optimal nutrition was key to pet health. For almost a century Hill's has been at the forefront of developing exceptional nutritional health plans for pets with certain care needs as well as high quality everyday food which is bursting with nutrients. Hill's food is labelled as either Feline or Canine and can be searched for according to your pet's size, life stage, taste preference or ailment.

Hill's Prescription Diet Food

Prescription Diet Hill's Cat Food and Prescription Diet Hill's Dog Food includes a vast selection of products which have been created specifically to help with a wide range of common ailments. This includes plans for obese pets, pets with diabetes, pets with mobility or kidney issues, pets with liver problems, thyroid issues, urinary stress conditions and even includes pet food formulated specifically to help combat ageing and loss of alertness.

Hill’s Science Plan

The Science Plan has been specially formulated to meet the needs of your cat or dog according to their stage of life, their size, lifestyle and care needs. Key products in the range includes mature adult food and food for kittens and puppies. The range also includes food for very specific lifestyle needs including gluten free food and food for working dogs or cats that largely live indoors.

Hill's Ideal Balance Food

The Ideal Balance range of cat and dog food from Hill's is an everyday pet food option which includes wet and dry options, making it easy to find the right food for your pet's preference. This range is wholly-health oriented and includes key nutrients to help support general health, skin, coat, digestion and immune system. The only source of protein in this range is chicken. The Ideal Balance food range is free from colouring, flavouring and preservatives.


Hill's Prescription DietHill's Science Plan
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