Holt Games - Holt

Holt Games - Holt

Holt Games - Holt is a fun interactive sliding puzzle for dogs, cats or rabbits. Using the snout and legs, your pet can play the game and solve the puzzle by moving the wooden sliders. Practice makes perfect and eventually your pet will find the hidden treats!

Holt Games - Holt
  • Holt Games - Holt


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Product Description

Holt Games - Holt

With the Holt Games you can have your pet puzzled in a challenging, stimulating and incredibly fun way. This game staves off boredom, helps prevent brain ageing and has a stimulating instinct effect. As the owner, you are able to place delicious treats in the notches of the puzzle. Your furry friend then has to move the sliders with its paws or snout. It makes no difference at which starting position your pet starts, because this puzzle can be solved in multiple ways! To lend your pet a helping hand, you can perform the sliding movement first. Clear instructions are very important for the learning process. You should always show your pet that you are filling the cutouts with treats, which will stimulate your dog to play. The Holt Games - Holt is a level 2 game, with a little help from the owner, basically any pet can handle this level. You'll be amazed how clever your pet is!

Key features

  • Challenging, stimulating and fun game for pets
  • Hide delicious treats in the puzzle, making the game even more fun!
  • The game can be solved in several ways, so the starting position doesn't matter
  • Stimulates your pet's instinct
  • Contributes to the prevention of brain ageing
  • Staves off boredom and is a fun activity for the owner and pet for a stronger bond


After use, you can easily clean the puzzle with a damp cloth without soap

Suitable for

Dog, cat and rabbit


This Holt puzzle is made of natural Medium-Density Fibreboard (MDF) material.

Product ID: 8078
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