Horse Blankets & Rugs

Most horse owners have one - a horse blanket. There are various types of blankets available, including winter blankets, rain blankets, fly rugs and fleece rugs. Blankets are mainly used to offer your horse protection, whether from flies or from cold weather. There are also special blankets that can help protect your horse from summer eczema/sweet itch.


When choosing your blanket, it is important that you decide what type of blanket your horse needs, but also what size your horse needs. A blanket that is too big or too small can be uncomfortable for your horse and hamper its movements. When choosing the right size, also pay attention to your horse's build. If the horse has a broad build or a long back, for example, you may need a different size.


Some blankets can be machine washed. You can use a special detergent for these, such as Bucas Rug Wash. This detergent is very suitable for washing waterproof and breathable blankets and materials. If you can't wash the blanket yourself, you can take it to a blanket laundry service.

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