IAMS Cat Food

IAMS Cat Food

The story of IAMS Cat Food

IAMS was founded in 1946 by Paul F. He was looking for a way to produce high quality food for dogs and cats. Together with breeders and nutritionists he has discovered that proteins and fats are very important in the feeding of pets. This is why IAMS has started making advanced food that contributes to the health of companion animals. For example, IAMS has standard food for cats of all ages. The IAMS Naturally range contains carefully selected ingredients without artificial flavourings or colourings.

A different approach to cat food

IAMS has always tried to be different, more natural and more innovative than its competitors. A completely different philosophy is present at IAMS than is the case with other companies. This philosophy is based on years of research into animal health. IAMS has found that there is a link between healthy food and animal health. Healthy food can strengthen the immune system, strengthen muscles, reduce fat, reduce tartar and plaque and ensure healthy digestion. Through years of research and commitment to innovation and improvement in the field of pet nutrition, IAMS was the very first to:

  • The idea to feed cats as real carnivores.
  • Dry food based on animal proteins, which fits the needs of cats.
  • Formulas that meet the everyday needs of cats and their owners, such as cat food for multi-cat households and special formulas for older cats.

IAMS for Cats: 2 different product lines

There are two different IAMS cat food ranges: IAMS Naturally and Proactive Health. IAMS always tries to mimic the natural diet of wild cats by considering them as carnivores. You can find more information regarding the two different product lines of IAMS for cats below.

IAMS Naturally

This range of IAMS food is specialised in balanced diets of 100% natural ingredients for your cat. Genuinely 100% natural ingredients, without colourings or flavourings. Because the entire production is in IAMS' hands, the quality can always be guaranteed and the monitoring is made easy. This only has positive effects for your cat. IAMS Lamb & Rice for cats and IAMS Salmon & Rice for cats are two of the most popular diets for cats.

Proactive Health

IAMS Proactive Health consists of different formulas for each phase of your cat's life. For example, you have different cat food for kittens, but also for older cats. The IAMS Cat Adult Fish & Chicken is a very tasty dry food for older cats. This food contains very tasty fish and chicken that contributes to the general health of your older cat. The proteins in this food support the older muscles and joints.