Julius K9

Julius K9

Only the best for your canine companion: Hungarian brand Julius K9 has been manufacturing high-quality harnesses, muzzles, leads and dog training equipment since 1997. At first, the brand attracted the attention of the police force who purchased muzzles and other training equipment for their K9 units. In 2004, the brand presented their now iconic Julius K9 Power Harness at the renowned World Dog Show in Dortmund, Germany. Thanks to its innovative streak and its eye for detail, Julius K9 quickly gained a cult following. Today, Julius K9 products are sold in as many as 50 countries worldwide.

Training your pooch the proper way

As a responsible pet owner, you should start training your puppy as early as possible to reduce the risk of your furry friend acting up at a later stage in life. Your new canine companion is a cuddly ball of fluff intent on experiencing the world and making its mark on it - albeit on its own terms! This can include chasing butterflies, the house cat, the neighbours, and pretty much everything that isn't nailed to the ground. A dog harness can be beneficial in keeping an overly exuberant pup in check during those morning walkies. It is also a great alternative to collars and offers excellent control over your pet. As a superior training tool, the Julius K9 harness will quickly make your puppy find out that pulling definitely isn't the way forward! Dog harnesses are also a fantastic choice for breeds with short noses such as pugs, Boston terriers and French bulldogs, allowing them to breathe freely.

Choosing the right model

Choosing a style can be tricky: ideally, you want it to fit snugly while allowing your pup to jump, run and explore freely. Pet harnesses are available for both small and large breeds. Julius K9 harnesses come in different models and sizes designed to fit any type of pooch. Before purchasing a harness, you should explore the different models on offer to ensure a perfect fit for your pup and yourself. You can also have a look at our sizing guide to determine the right size for your pet.

Which type should I choose?

For leisurely walks

Does your doggy love to take long, relaxed strolls while sniffing the ground? Then you should opt for a back clip style. While offering less control than other models, this type of harness is extremely comfortable and easy to put on. Make sure to choose a model that fits snugly across your pup's waist and torso. The fit is perfect if you can get two fingers under the straps.

For pooches that pack a punch

If you have a pup that's overly eager to explore the world around them, a front clip style could be the right choice for you. This type of harness allows you to have better control of your animal without restricting its movement. A front clip model should fit snugly to prevent your pooch from stepping right out of it and setting off on their merry way.

Shop the Julius K9 range

Julius K9 features several types of harnesses, depending on the nature of your furry friend and the task at hand. Rambunctious pooches may benefit from a no-pull style which is designed to tighten across the chest as soon as your pup starts to pull on its leash. The brand offers an innovative no-pull model fitted with an elastic strap that provides superior comfort at all times. Browse the entire Julius K9 product range today and gear up for long walkies by choosing a stylish harness.

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