Luposan Dog Food

Luposan Dog Food


More and more people are feeding their dogs natural and healthy food from Luposan. The ingredients used to create Luposan dog food all come straight from nature. To ensure that as many nutrients, vitamins and minerals as possible are maintained in the creation process, Luposan Lupo uses a cold-press manufacturing process. This means that the ingredients are pressed at a maximum temperature of 50ºC, making Luposan Lupo easily digestible.

Key Benefits

All Luposan products are made of natural ingredients and undergo strict evaluation. Moreover, these products are always:

  • Cruelty-free
  • Free from additional flavourings, preservatives and colouring
  • Free from genetically-modified ingredients
  • Free from indigestible vegetable and grain by-products, such as bran, husks, soy extract and wheat gluten
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