Medical Pet Shirt Cat
Medical Pet Shirt Cat
Medical Pet Shirt Cat
Medical Pet Shirt Cat
Medical Pet Shirt Cat
Medical Pet Shirt Cat

Medical Pet Shirt Cat

Medical Pet Shirt for cats provides a good protection after surgery. With the Medical Pet Shirt, the cat has plenty of freedom of movement and therefore doesn't have to wear the hated cone after an operation (such as sterilisation/castration). The Medical Pet Shirt will also keep the cat warm.

Medical Pet Shirt Cat - Red XXS
  • Medical Pet Shirt Cat - Red XXXXS


  • Medical Pet Shirt Cat - Red XXXS


  • Medical Pet Shirt Cat - Red XXS


  • Medical Pet Shirt Cat - Red XS


  • Medical Pet Shirt Cat - Red S


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Product Description

How do I put a Medical Pet Shirt on my cat?

The Medical Pet Shirt has a larger opening at the back below the tail(cats can use the litter tray without removing the shirt) and a narrower hole for the head. It is comfortable, hygienic and machine washable at 30 degrees. For cats with short legs, put the head through first, then insert the legs into the relevant openings one by one. Pull the Medical Pet Shirt down towards the tail as far as it will go. The two ends of the ventral side can be affixed using the press studs between the hind legs and below the fabric on your cats back. Make sure the tail has enough room for ease of movement.


The Medical Pet Shirt is ideal for use after surgery (sterilisation) and for incontinence. The Medical Pet Shirt can reduce stress, anxiety and uncertainty after surgery compared to a collar that can often obstruct the cat's view. The cat is not or hardly able to reach the wound. Because the Medical Pet Shirt is not tight around the belly, the wound is sufficiently aired, and should remain dry. The Medical Pet Shirt is partially light blue inside the belly, so any seepage from the wound is visible. A panty liner can be applied inside the shirt, or between the double layer at the abdomen. During anaesthesia cats are often shaved before surgery, and body temperature is lowered. The Medical Pet Shirt will keep the cat warm after surgery. The Medical Pet Shirt is a tool, not a treatment. In case of skin conditions, these must be treated with suitable medication. The Medical Pet Shirt can then be used to offer extra protection.

What size and colour does my cat need?

Measure your cat from collar to tail to get an accurate idea of how big a shirt it will need. It is better to be slightly snug rather than too loose. If the cat is incontinent, you should choose the blue variant because the red one has an opening to allow for urination.

The red shirt is specially made for cats and is available in sizes XXXS to S. The red shirt is intended for cats after surgery. Because the shirt has an opening below the tail, the cat can keep the shirt on when it uses the litter tray.

Size of Medical Pet ShirtLength from neck to tailNeck circumference from - to*Recommended size
XXXXS Red25 - 32 cm14 - 20cmSmall kitten
XXXS red 29 - 37 cm17 - 26cmKitten
XXS red33 - 42 cm18 - 28cmYoung cat / large kitten
XS red40 - 45 cm20 - 30cmNormal cat
S red43 - 51 cm23 - 34cmLarger cat

*These measurements exclude a potential 10% deviation on textiles.

The blue shirt was actually made for dogs, but also fits cats. This shirt is suitable for incontinent cats and in cases where you want to use a panty liner in the shirt. Please note: The blue shirt does not allow for use of the litter tray. This shirt can be ordered here.

What if the Medical Pet Shirt doesn't fit?

To check whether or not the Medical Pet Shirt fits your pet, you can take the item out of the package and hold it up next to your cat. This will allow you to see whether or not it fits. For hygienic reasons, this item cannot be returned if it has been in direct contact with your pet. Should we conclude that the shirt is stained, has been worn, is covered in hair, smells bad or has been washed once the item is shipped back to us, it will not be returned to you. In this case, the item will be given to a local charity. Unfortunately, we have to apply these rules as we are often confronted with Medical Pet Shirts that have been returned in a used condition.

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Medical pet shirt for cats
By , 05 June 2019

This was great much better than a hard plastic collar. My cat didn't like it though and during waking hours spent most of the time trying to get out. Unfortunately he wet it when he went toilet. That said I would definitely use it again should the need arise.

Good Quality item
By , 29 March 2019

This pet recovery suit is by far the best quality on the market,I ordered xs,but it was slightly too big,so I just sewed a small tuck in the bottom area. It really has done the job,as my cats wound on her belly has almost healed,I have bought another since,as the design is very good and properly finished around the neck and armholes. My cat has scratched a hole,but I have just repaired it today and now she can can scratch the hole!

Lasted 24 hours
By , 25 January 2019

This lasted 24 hours on my cat. She was constantly licking it and made holes in it. She got it caught on her teeth. I removed the jacket only to find that all her fur was coming out in clumps in my hand and her skin was red and inflamed. Back to the cone of shame for her, but at least her skin can breathe . Not impressed with this at all I’m afraid.

Cute and practical
By , 22 January 2019

This cat shirt worked perfectly. It stopped our cat from over grooming for long enough that she could heal up. I recommend buying two, because they soon get shredded by scratching and need to be washed regularly.

Quality Item
By , 10 November 2018

Our cat needed to be sterilised and the vet said she would have to have a plastic cone or medical shirt. I opted for the shirt which my cat accepted with no problems. The shirt is of very good quality at a reasonable price. The delivery was prompt and I would highly recommend this company.

Better than the cone
By , 20 October 2018

I bought this vest through my vet after my kitten was spayed, she did get use to it, she can move freely and use the toilet, but persevere at first they will get use to it, it is a great product

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