Medical Pet Shirt Dog - Zebra Print
Medical Pet Shirt Dog - Zebra Print

Medical Pet Shirt Dog - Zebra Print

The Medical Pet Shirt Zebra is a Limited Edition and a real eye-catcher. The protective shirt looks like a bodysuit and can be used after surgery, in case of skin disorders, and for oestrous and incontinence.

Medical Pet Shirt Dog - Zebra Print - S
  • Medical Pet Shirt Dog - Zebra Print - XXXS


  • Medical Pet Shirt Dog - Zebra Print - XXS


  • Medical Pet Shirt Dog - Zebra Print - XS


  • Medical Pet Shirt Dog - Zebra Print - S


  • Medical Pet Shirt Dog - Zebra Print - S Plus


  • Medical Pet Shirt Dog - Zebra Print - M


  • Medical Pet Shirt Dog - Zebra Print - M Plus


  • Medical Pet Shirt Dog - Zebra Print - L


  • Medical Pet Shirt Dog - Zebra Print - XL


  • Medical Pet Shirt Dog - Zebra Print - XXL


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Product Description

Medical Pet Shirt Zebra is a special edition zebra print garment for animals. Also available in other colours and variants for dogs.

The Medical Pet Shirt looks like a cute bodysuit for your pet. The open ended back means it is easy to put on and take off. Movement is not restricted thanks to Velcro and popper fastenings at the tail. For oestrus and incontinence, a sanitary towel or panty liner can be fitted inside this product. The Medical Pet Shirt is comfortable, hygienic and machine washable at 30 degrees Celsius.

Washing instructions

The Medical Pet Shirt is machine washable at a maximum of 30 degrees Celsius.

How do I put a Medical Pet Shirt on my dog?

For small dogs (with short legs) it is easier to pull it over the head first, then insert the legs one by one into the relevant holes. For larger dogs (with longer legs), first put one leg in, then the head and then the other 3 legs. Then, pull the body of the Medical Pet Shirt down the dog's torso, as far back as it will go. The two ends of the ventral side between the hind legs can be fastened by Velcro on the back. Ensure there is sufficient room for the tail.


  • After surgery; for animals with skin disorders; during oestrus or incontinence.
  • The Medical Pet Shirt reduces stress, anxiety and uncertainty after surgery compared to plastic surgical collars
  • Animals cannot reach the wound
  • Because the Medical Pet Shirt is looser around the belly, the wound is well ventilated and will remain dry
  • The Medical Pet Shirt is light blue on the inside, so you can monitor any fluid coming from the wound. A panty liner can be put inside the shirt or between the double layer at the abdomen
  • If the animal has been shaved for surgery, it will reduce body temperature. The Medical Pet Shirt Zebra can help to regulate this.
  • In skin diseases, where protection is required, the shirt prevents injuries caused to the skin by scratching or biting.
  • For oestrus or incontinence
  • The Medical Pet Shirt prevents blood and/or urine stains around your house. Unlike pet pants, animals cannot easily remove this shirt. As a result, it is more hygienic for the pet and its owner.

What size should I buy for my dog?

First measure your pet from the back of the collar to the beginning of the tail. This should give you a pretty accurate guideline. If in doubt, it is better to order a shirt that is slightly snug rather than too loose. The sizes listed in the table are from the back of the collar to the start of the dog's tail.

It's important to know how to measure your pet properly to ensure that you purchase the right size. The How to determine the right size for my pet article offers insight and tips on the best way to do this!

Medical Pet Shirt Zebra Dog
SizeLength from collar to tailNeck circumference from - to*Example breeds
XXXS22 - 35 cm24 - 38cmToy Chihuahua
XXS33 - 42 cm24 - 38cmChihuahua, Toy Poodle
XS40 - 45 cm26 - 42cmYorkshire Terrier, Lhasa Apso, Chihuahua
S43 - 51 cm31 - 44cmMaltese, Pekinese, French Bulldog, Pug, Terrier
S plus49 - 57 cm32 - 48cmEnglish Cocker Spaniel, Samoyed, Portuguese Podengo
M55 - 69 cm38 - 54cmSchnauzer, Beagle, Poodle, Fox Terrier, Chow Chow
M plus61 - 72 cm41 - 60cmFlat coated retriever, Irish Setter, Labrador
L67 - 76 cm41 - 60cmCollie, Appenzeller, Boxer, Weimaraner, Labrador
XL74 - 82 cm51 - 76cmRottweiler, Dalmatian, Retriever, Sheepdog
XXL80 - 92 cm51 - 76cmSaint Bernard, Newfoundlander

*These measurements exclude a potential 10% deviation on textiles.

What if the Medical Pet Shirt doesn't fit?

The Medical Pet Shirt can be removed from the packaging and held up next to your pet in order to check whether it fits. For hygiene reasons, the Shirt cannot be returned if it has come into contact with your pet. If we find that the returned product is stained, worn, contains animal hair, smells or has been washed after use, we cannot return the product to you. In this event, it will be donated to a charity (local shelter). As we are often confronted with Medical Pet Shirts that are returned in a less than new condition, we have to apply these rules for fitting and/or returning products.

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Zebra print medical shirt
By , 03 December 2020

Great medical shirt. Used for my 6 month old Labrador after she had been spayed. The fit was perfect & the zebra print is lovely. Used afterwards as a base layer under her dog coat for the cold morning walks.

By , 14 May 2019

I bought one as my dog was having surgery on his stomach and a cone wouldn't protect the area, the fit was perfect, it was stretchy and he finds it comfortable. It rolls up so he can go for a wee and it looks adorable, he now gets excited to put it back on after it's been washed or changed for a clean one.

By , 09 March 2019

I am sure by the quality that if the suit had fitted it would have been great but after 2 attempts at trying to get the right size l gave up. The guide lines for measuring your dog are too vague. I have a large Lurcher, greyhound/deer hound cross, and to get a post operative suit to fit was hard.

Zebra Print Medical Vest
By , 06 March 2019

Ordered this medical vest for my little bichonaranian to protect her following her spay. A Perfect fit and very stylish. Easy to order and super quick delivery. Would recommend the product and the company.

Better than a cone!
By , 29 November 2018

Our very lively 18 month old girl needed o be spayed and the prospect of her wearing a cone filled us with horror. We decided to try the Shirt first and we are very glad that we did. The fit was good despite her being quite long and deep chested. She accepted it quite well and wore it for the full 10 days after her op. It certainly stopped any licking and kept her warm. We will use it as an extra coat when going on cold walks because her coat is quite thin. Altogether a great buy.

Value for money
By , 14 May 2018

This shirt is amazing. My bulldog had a small op and when she wore a cone it distressed her so much but when I tried the shirt on her she dident notice she was wearing one. Have already recommend 5to my friend who has a staff.

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